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The last word on Green Wrythe Lane?

What more is there to say about Green Wrythe Lane? Specifically, of course, about footway conversion to shared-use on Green Wrythe Lane. About allowing cycling on the pavement? After all, has it not all been said before?… November 2014:  Green

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Sutton 2031 – is cycling part of the picture?

Sutton 2031 – is cycling part of the picture? In Sutton 2031 – planning for our future we presented our response to the consultation on the borough’s next Local Plan (2016 to 2031) along with its associated elements, the Draft

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Sutton 2031 – planning for our future

Here we present Get Sutton Cycling’s response to Sutton Council’s Sutton 2031: planning for our future consultation. Section 1 provides a brief overview of the consultation, and this is followed by the introduction to our response along with a highlighted summary.  The full version

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A24 Epsom Road Cycle Safety Improvements

Transport for London (TfL) recently consulted on proposals to improve cycle facilities along the A24 Epsom Road, Morden. The consultation, A24 Epsom Road Cycle Safety Improvements, which was open for comment between 8 February and 11 March 2016, focussed on

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Manor Lane cycling contraflow

On 20 January 2016, Sutton Council wrote to us to seek our views on proposals relating to the to introduction of a cycling contraflow along the existing one-way section of Manor Lane (The Broadway) [Google Maps | Streetmap | Open Street

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Sutton Local Committee agree that cycling proposals be presented to TfL

Time to make the case and rise to the challenges At the Sutton Local Committee meeting on 3 November, Councillors representing the Sutton Central, Sutton North and Sutton West wards agreed that proposals, which could ultimately see major upgrades to

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Time to make the case and rise to the challenges

‘Time to make the case and rise to the challenges’, is the title given to our response to Sutton Council’s draft Cycling Delivery Strategy 2015. The response was submitted on 7 September, the last day of the six-week consultation period. The

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Campaign election candidates via #VoteBike

A recent Guardian article asked Which party’s manifesto is strongest on cycling? and of the major parties the results are disappointing: Conservative – 2/10 Labour – 4/10 Liberal Democrat – 8/10 Green – 10/10 UKIP – 0/10 The CTC’s campaign is emailing all local electorial

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Transforming Fiveways Croydon

Cover to consultation document

A response to the TfL/Croydon Council consultation on Fiveways, Croydon | March 2015 Here is our response to the “Transforming Fiveways” consultation, as submitted to Transport for London on 14 March 2015. The response is also available to download from the link

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Get Sutton Cycling and the draft Sustainable Transport Strategy

London Borough of Sutton’s consultation on it’s draft Sustainable Transport Strategy closed on 4 January 2015. The draft Sustainable Transport Strategy, published at the beginning of November 2014, sets out the council’s policies and proposals to improve Sutton’s transport and environment

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