Newstead Walk and the new Bishopsford Road crossing: update

In the post St Helier section of Sutton’s first proposed Cycleway: feedback to consultation responses from February 2020 (see section 5.2) there is background on the Newstead Walk link with our feedback at the time.

I had cycled past on both Bishopsford Rd and Robertsbridge Rd completely missing this until recently pointed out to me, there is no wayfinding to speak of to show it’s there.

What does it join up? Can we see this as part of a route between Sutton and Colliers Wood? This was the original plan:

Taken from Colliers Wood to Sutton Cycleway route

So “on paper”, look at that straight cycleway crossing the road with a “pedestrian and cyclist crossing” joining directly into Malmesbury Rd onward to Colliers Wood, CS7 etc. A route when done well appealing as an option to all ages and abilities. Here’s a view of what’s been delivered:

Images: Marcus Howarth 21/4/21

Sanity checking first against the Strategic Cycling Analysis (SCA) which (with the right level of zooming out to get the overlay) does show a fine desire line shown between the arrows here, but that’s actually St Benet’s Grove, one street over.

from Camden Cyclists SCA fig1.2

As part of a proper joined up cycle route, as predicted the crossing forces both pedestrians and cycles together.

  • Why is the route over the crossing putting all users on the pavement?
  • Why has the cycleway followed a zig-zag path? (see below)
  • Why are there bollards in the centre of the cycleway at the Newstead Walk end?
  • As mentioned, what Wayfinding is there so that people know to use this as part of their route?

Relevant point:

5.2.6 Reconsider a re-alignment of the Bishopsford Road to Newstead Walk path, and the possibility for this to be delivered as a ‘walking and cycling link’

No response provided 

St Helier section of Sutton’s first proposed Cycleway: feedback to consultation responses

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