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On hearing about the resurfacing works on St Dunstans Hill (A217) we wrote to TfL on 19/3/21 asking if they were any plans to improve the cycle lane/shared use path along this route?

We got a reply the next working day:

I hope you’re well. I’m afraid this scheme is just a straight resurfacing scheme with no current plans within this programme to review cycling arrangements. That being said, I will certainly raise it with colleagues to put on the agenda for the future.

TfL, 22/3/21

Below was then sent, no response yet, but good to bring these links together again and put it out there:

Thank you for your email, sorry to hear works were limited to the carriageway only.

Prompted by your mention of a future agenda I’d like to pass on some points since raised by members. You may not be aware of them all so feel a good point to highlight again.

Going back further some members we’re involved the CRISP and CRIM on the A217 in 2009, I quote:

The report clearly recommended that the whole of the footway on the east side of St. Dunstan’s Hill and Belmont Rise from Love Lane (path) to the B2238 at Belmont should be converted to a shared use path.   There are hardly any openings/runways and the benefits would give cyclists space from heavy traffic overtaking them when climbing this long hill.   This conversion could assist access to the Avenue School.

A converted footway would also enable access for pedestrians and cyclists between Cheam and Belmont/Banstead to reach the shared use two-way path which runs parallel with the Brighton Road on its east side from Belmont to Banstead Crossroads at A2022.   The existing shared use path alongside the Brighton Road (A217) is really useful up to Banstead crossroads. 

Would our group like to remind TfL that this improvement would be really welcome especially if any more work is planned for the A217?

Various GSC members

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