Welcome to Get Sutton Cycling, campaigning as part of the London Cycling Campaign in Sutton since 2014.


Get Sutton Cycling represents the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) within our borough. We are one of around 30 such groups across London. Our primary focus in recent years has been on improving infrastructure in Sutton, with the ambition to take forward, and build on, the 2014 Space for Cycling campaign (see our post about this here, and the LCC article here). In 2016, we promoted Sign for Cycling. Two years later, following the 2018 My Liveable London campaign, 55% of elected leaders across London agreed to submit a high-quality Liveable Neighbourhoods bid. Our borough submitted a high-quality Liveable Neighbourhoods bid last year (focused on Sutton town centre) and, if the bid is successful (the announcement has been delayed by the Covod-19 crisis) this could see an additional investment in our borough of around £6m. Covid-19 has changed everything very rapidly. Currently there is Streetspace for London and the government’s walking and cycling plan for England. Later this year, and into 2021, we will be promoting Climate Safe Streets.

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Slide from Sutton Cycle Summit 2014

This early post from July 2014 sets out a lot of the Ward asks we are still waiting for!

More slides from that earlier post, this is what @cyclinginsutton (our Twitter handle) looks like.

A photo of London Road, Hackbridge. How highly would this cycling facility be rated against the Mayor of London's cycling vision?
A photo of Park Lane. The question is posed: Could "light segregation" work here?
Worcester Road, Sutton. The question is posed? What are the challenges associated with removing through motor traffic?
A view of the existing cycle path on Oldfield Road. The question is posed: how would challenges at the traffic intersections be overcome?
View of Sutton Common Road. The question is posed: what's the best way to provide protected space for cycling here?
Photo of part of the existing cycle lane in Park Lane / Boundary Road
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