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March 2020
Riding out the national emergency together. The message is Stay Home to Protect the NHS and Save Lives. Updates on Sutton’s proposed first Cycleway: The St Helier section is progressing, but the Sutton section awaits analysis of consultation responses and the decisions of councillors. LCC’s campaign report, Climate Safe Streets, launched ahead of the mayoral and London Assembly elections in May 2021 and local authority elections May 2022. Announcement on Liveable Neighbourhoods third-round funding bids understandably delayed.

Sutton Borough News and Update | March 2020

December 2019
A consultation on the St Helier section of the borough’s first proposed Cycleway between Colliers Wood and Sutton town centre concludes, with the good news that a link to St Helier Hospital is now being considered. A consultation on the remainder of the route within the borough is expected imminently. Low traffic measures are proposed for the borough’s second Cycleway linking Worcester Park with Sutton town centre. The council submits Sutton’s first Liveable Neighbourhoods funding bid to TfL, Sutton councillors visit Waltham Forest, and the Walking and Cycling Commissioner visits Sutton. The annual monitoring report on the borough’s 2015 Sustainable Transport Strategy is finally published –  the latest available figure for cycling mode share is just 1.3%. A new strategy is expected in spring 2020. Lime electric assist bike rental reduced; an upgraded walking and cycling link for Wallington; new staff recruited (Healthy Streets and Cycleways).

Sutton Borough News and Update | December 2019

September 2019
Following the launch of the ‘Sutton Liveable Neighbourhoods – funding bid’ online survey, the borough’s Liveable Neighbourhoods bid is a step closer. A consultation on the St Helier section of the borough’s first proposed Cycleway (formerly Quietway) between Colliers Wood and Sutton town centre is expected imminently. Details of the second Cycleway, the section linking Worcester Park with Sutton town centre is expected soon too. Healthy Streets traffic schemes for 2020/21, as funded through the Local Implementation Plan, are finalised, and there is news of two new launches: the London Boroughs Healthy Streets Scorecard and TfL’s Cycling Infrastructure Database. The fourth annual update of the borough’s Sustainable Transport Strategy (June 2015) is overdue and still awaited. Meanwhile, the council’s recently instigated regular project review meeting, involving officers with responsibility for transport, public health and air quality, to deliver on the commitment given in Sutton’s Cycling Strategy (November 2015) to establish an internal cycling advisory group, is “in hiatus”. However, a group to oversee progress on the ‘Air Quality Action Plan‘ has been established.

Sutton Borough News and Update | September 2019

June 2019
The council agrees to set-up a regular project review meeting, involving officers with responsibility for transport, public health and air quality. This essentially delivers on the commitment given in Sutton’s Cycling Strategy (November 2015) to establish an internal cycling advisory group. Sutton’s third Local Implementation Plan receives approval, and provides short, medium and longer-term targets for active travel in the borough. The targets are replicated in the new Environment Strategy and associated Air Quality Action Plan. There is the expectation that an electric assist bike rental scheme is about to be launched across the borough. Meanwhile, news on Quietways, Cycleways and Liveable Neighbourhoods is still awaited. It is hoped that news when it comes, now expected in September, will be news worth waiting for.

Sutton Borough News and Update | June 2019

March 2019
Could this spring see a major step-forward in the way Sutton delivers on enabling active travel? Reasons to be optimistic at the start of 2019, including an update on the Liveable Neighbourhoods bid, and the anticipation of imminent news on the borough’s first Quietway/Cycleway. Our response to Sutton’s third Local Implementation Plan and a stronger commitment to the delivery of a traffic reduction strategy.

Sutton Borough News and Update | March 2019

December 2018
Further delay on Liveable Neighbourhoods programme bid, but the borough will be submitting a (high-quality) bid in the third year of opportunity (2019). The third Local Implementation Plan draft document is published for consultation, with the borough required to submit a final version to TfL by 16 February 2019. The third annual update of the borough’s Sustainable Transport Strategy reveals that the short-term target for the percentage of of trips made by cycle in 2017 (set prior to 2013) of 2.2% has not been met, and that no one seems to care. Quietways are mentioned in committee, and there are some indications that 2019 will be the year when more will be heard. Get Sutton Cycling is now on Cyclescape.

Sutton Borough News and Update | December 2018

September 2018
A first glimpse at ‘Healthy Streets‘ for Sutton, with the unveiling of the proposed traffic schemes for each of the borough’s six Local Committee areas for 2019. A talk and a tour of Waltham Forest ‘mini-Holland’ proves insightful (with more to come), and a tour of Sutton town centre produces some great ideas. Our reaffirmed commitment to campaign to have the latest k-barrier on the Wandle Trail removed. Work on the Beddington North TfL Major Scheme on Beddington Lane taking longer than expected. The third and final proposals for Croydon Fiveways are published. A by-election is called for Belmont. (No news on Sutton’s first proposed Quietway).

Sutton Borough News and Update | September 2018

June 2018
The Council Leader supports My Liveable London. The Leader of the Opposition supports Streets for People, and a high proportion of residents responding to last year’s informal Highways Quietways Survey say there is too much traffic and it is moving too fast. So now, with the local elections behind us, it is Time for Ambition and high time to consider Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. Political barriers are one thing, physical barriers another. The recent installation of a new barrier on the Wandle Trail in Wandle Valley ward is, like all barriers, a major cause of concern.

Sutton Borough News and Update | June 2018

March 2018
With the London local elections just weeks away, there is news of the LCC and Living Streets joint campaign in the lead-up to 3 May: My Liveable London. It looks as though the borough’s first Quietway is being kept quiet until after the elections, and it transpires that Sutton is not yet set for its first Liveable Neighbourhood. Construction of the two-way cycle-path and footway begins on Beddington Lane. The ‘Air pollution in Sutton’ film prompts one councillor to ask ‘what steps has Sutton taken in the last four years to making cycling easier for cyclists?’ Croydon launches a new Cycling Strategy.

Sutton Borough News and Update | March 2018

December 2017
Marking the launch of our first video, ‘Air pollution in Sutton‘, to get councillors thinking. Meanwhile, no further news, as yet, on the borough’s first Quietway, but we have been counting traffic. And, is Sutton set for its first Liveable Neighbourhood?

Sutton Borough News and Update | December 2017

September 2017
In this edition: The engagement process around the borough’s first Quietway has began. Beddington Lane is set to become more cycle-friendly, but the latest proposals for Fiveways, Croydon, greatly disappoint. The Cycling Strategy review reveals that the cycling mode share in Sutton remains at 2%. We say ‘thank you’ to everyone involved with the Sutton feeder ride to the Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle. Plus, special features written by local supporters on women and cycling.

Sutton Borough News and Update | September 2017

June 2017
It has all gone very quiet on the Quietway front. This may not be such a bad thing, given that delivery is not expected until 2019 and there is a lot to discuss to ensure a successful outcome. News on progress with the borough’s Cycling Strategy is expected imminently. Some Space for Cycling ‘ward asks’ from 2014 – or components of them – are on the list of schemes for development in the next twelve months.

Sutton Borough News and Update | June 2017

March 2017
Initial plans are taking shape for Sutton’s first Quietway, linking Colliers Wood, Morden, St Helier Hospital with Sutton town centre. With community engagement being a key part of the delivery, this edition leads with Healthier streets, and more pleasant neighbourhoods, are a step closer. But elsewhere, when it comes to engagement with residents on cycling, there is evidence of lost opportunities, a lack of communication and an absence of joined-up thinking. Apart for the Quietway, there is some other potentially good news stories. The final Sutton Town Centre Masterplan includes several additional references to cycling, above those that appeared in either the draft, or revised draft versions. However, given that the Local Plan: Sutton 2031 is looking fifteen years ahead, given the context of the Mayor of London’s priorities, and given the challenges and opportunities that lie in the future, the level of aspiration in the Masterplan still appears to be far short of what would currently be expected.

Sutton Borough News and Update | March 2017

December 2016
Reporting cycling maintenance issues may soon be easier, through the ‘Report It’ facility on Sutton Council’s website. Meanwhile, inadequate provision for cycling continues, as the plans for cycling in Hackbridge (as part of the former Felnex redevelopment) actually materialise.

Sutton Borough News and Update | December 2016

September 2016
In this edition read about the Felnex redevelopment at Hackbridge and the “dire and totally inadequate proposals for cycling” on this new development. The Quietway network is coming to Sutton, but how quiet will it be?  And find out if there is any news on the borough’s newish Cycling Strategy. It’s not all depressing – Ride London was a great success once again, and we thank our colleagues in Hackney and Tower Hamlets for leading the ride from Sutton to central London on our behalf!

Sutton Borough News and Update | September 2016

June 2016
In the June 2016 newsletter: A big thank you for supporting Sign for Cycling, taking Sutton a step closer to a becoming an even better place in which to live, work and go to school. The new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, wants our city to be a byword for cycling, but our borough will not be a part of this unless our councillors help enable the process to bring this about. Cycling Towards 2018, an open letter to councillors, is a gentle reminder of this. Find out if there is any news on the borough’s new Cycling Strategy, and take a look at a detail of Sutton’s latest cycling scheme (which, following comments from us, was modified shortly afterwards).

Sutton Borough News and Update | June 2016

March 2016
In the March 2016 newsletter: Imagine a better London, where cycling is safe and enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities. Our next Mayor can make this a reality, but only if enough of us Sign for Cycling. Find out how you can get involved in Sutton. Have you seen the borough’s new Cycling Strategy? It’s all about cycling becoming the mode of choice for short local journeys. The latest on the proposed cycle facilities on the Transport for London road network, and how the northern wards may have let the rest of the borough down. Sutton 2031: planning for our future. But do today’s masterplanners envisage a future that includes space for cycling?

Sutton Borough News And Update | March 2016

December 2015
In the December 2015 newsletter: Time to make the case and rise to the challenges, our response to Sutton Council’s Draft Cycling Delivery Strategy; The Leader of the Council says “Getting Sutton cycling is vitally important for the future of the borough“; Space for Cycling schemes, on Transport for London roads, are presented to councillors. But they are not universally approved; Staff at the Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute of Cancer Research tell us they would like to see improvements for cycling on Brighton Road; Tours of the borough with Cycling Champion continue.

Sutton Borough News and Update | December 2015

September 2015
In the September 2015 newsletter: Space for Cycling petition presented to the Leader of the Council; Sutton Council’s Draft Cycling Delivery Strategy and consultation; Cycling Champion for the Council appointed; Quietways, and why it’s important not to trade quality for speed of delivery; On-street Bikehangars.

Sutton Borough News And Update | September 2015

June 2015
In the June 2015 newsletter: the final chance to support the Space for Cycling petition; consultation expected imminently on Sutton’s draft Cycling Strategy; the future of Sutton Council’s Cycle Forum; and some current plans for delivery on cycling by 2017.

Sutton Borough News And Update | June 2015

March 2015
In our March 2015 newsletter read about: plans to commission a new Cycling Strategy for Sutton; progress on the council’s review to the Space for Cycling ‘ward asks’; our response to the council’s draft Sustainable Transport Strategy; and why we are hopeful that 2015 could signal the end of pavement conversions and the start of some serious thinking about how to deliver the very best cycling network for the borough.

Sutton Borough News And Update | March 2015

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