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Notes from our August 2015 meeting

On one of the wettest August days in living memory (ignoring five or six other days during the same month, of course), the fifth Get Sutton Cycling meeting of 2015 took place on the evening of Monday the 24th at

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A Ride around Sutton Town Centre with Councillor Manuel Abellan

Yesterday, on a very wet morning, John Courtman and myself and took Councillor for Beddington South and newly appointed Cycling Champion, Manuel Abellan, for a tour of Sutton High St and the surrounding roads. This was a follow up to our

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Sutton’s Draft Cycling Delivery Strategy Consultation – We need your help!

A few weeks ago Sutton published a draft of a new Cycling Delivery Strategy. It sets out how the Council aims “to make cycling the mode of choice for short local journeys, by improving the quality and legibility of cycle

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Notes from our July 2015 meeting

We were back in Sutton, and at the Cock and Bull, on 27 July for our fourth meeting of the year. Just nine of us this time but, as it was only a few days after Sutton Council’s Cycle Summit,

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Preparing for a tour of Rosehill with Cllr Manuel Abellan

At the Cycle Summit on 23 July 2015, St Helier resident and keen cyclist John Courtman, asked newly appointed Cycling Champion Cllr Manuel Abellan if he would care to join him on a ride around Rosehill. Manuel said yes, and

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Green Wrythe Lane off-road cycle facility – next stage announced

The excitement that followed the Space for Cycling petition handover to the Leader of the Council towards the end of July, complete with the declaration that the political will is there and that all that was now required was action, has

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“Sutton is a pro-cycling borough”

Sutton Council held a cycle summit at the end of July to launch its draft cycling policy. At the meeting we were told several times that Sutton is – and apparently has been for decades – a pro-cycling borough. This

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