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Fiveways Croydon 2017

A response to the TfL/Croydon Council consultation on Fiveways, Croydon | September 2017 Here is our response to the Fiveways consultation (July 2017), as submitted to Transport for London on 18 September 2017. The response is also available to download from

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A cycling system for Carshalton

Carshalton in one of Sutton’s problem areas, as far as cycle campaigning goes. It is arguably the most attractive district centre in the borough, yet any potential attractiveness is spoilt by the A232 ploughing straight through the centre of this

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A ride around Beddington and Wallington with Councillor Manuel Abellan

On 10th October 2015 Councillor Manuel Abellan (Beddington South, Liberal Democrat) and myself went for a ride around Beddington and Wallington to look at cycling conditions in this part of the borough. We looked at bits of current infrastructure to

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A cycling grid to make Sutton proud?

Last week the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee in Sutton signed off Sutton Council’s new ‘Cycling Strategy’. It’s supposed to be the framework within which all cycling decisions will be made and will be the lead document that holds future cycling

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Waalinden – If Wallington were in the Netherlands

Part of what we do in Get Sutton Cycling is imagine what we want our streets to look like. We ask questions such as ‘lots of short journeys in Sutton are made using cars – what sort of streetscape would

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Sutton’s Draft Cycling Delivery Strategy Consultation – We need your help!

A few weeks ago Sutton published a draft of a new Cycling Delivery Strategy. It sets out how the Council aims “to make cycling the mode of choice for short local journeys, by improving the quality and legibility of cycle

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Over to you

Today was a long day spent raising awareness of #space4cycling and #ridesutton by giving out leaflets, stickers and flags on Sutton High Street. We gave out hundreds of flyers and spoke to dozens of shoppers about cycling and what it’s

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The Little Things

We all know it’s the little things that demonstrate how much we care. Your partner comes home stressed and because you care, you spend a little time with them, make them a cup of tea, sympathise, and do the right

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