The Little Things

We all know it’s the little things that demonstrate how much we care. Your partner comes home stressed and because you care, you spend a little time with them, make them a cup of tea, sympathise, and do the right things to put them in a good mood. In contrast, sometimes even though B says they care about A and, and they, whilst making all the right noises, say things like ‘they are the one for for them’ etc, but when it actually comes to it and person A comes home stressed, but B can’t spend any time with them because they HAVE to go out, and by the way there isn’t any milk so could A go and get some, you can expect A to feel unloved.

Which is the key word. Cyclists in Sutton are unloved. Or put another way, basically, the council couldn’t give a damn. They make some good noises but when it comes to it, their priorities are elsewhere. How do we know? It’s the little things.

2014-03-14 16.07.10

Anybody wanting to use this bridge between Grosvenor Road and Beddington Gardens has to hop up onto the kerb. A caring council would have put a dropped kerb to make access easy.

If you’ve ever had the feeling you’re not really wanted:

2014-03-09 11.14.44

At the end of Watermead Lane near Poulter Park. Presumably creating a path to alongside the River Wandle to Bishopsford Road (thus requiring cross-borough co-operation with Merton) was too much effort.

Or this in Stanley Park:

2014-02-22 11.44.42

I can’t think of a way to make this space less inviting.

Unfortunately there are loads of examples like this all over the borough. So whilst I wish I were writing something of rare perception and insight – I’m afraid I’m not. These are just simple examples of couldn’t-care-less street design by Sutton Council.  My problem is if they don’t care about the little things, what do they care about?

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