Cycle parking at St Helier Hospital following LCC audit

Hospital data wanted

We’ve [LCC] had several reports of thefts of bikes from hospitals and Tom B is doing some research ahead of contacting relevant authorities.

Any information about, and photographs of, hospital cycle parking would helpful, notably examples of good installations (like the recently installed secure shed and storage at Hillingdon hospital) but also examples of poor or insecure facilities. It would also be useful to know if there are sufficient stands for staff, and patients/visitors – full stands at this time of year are obviously an indication that there is in-sufficient parking.

Please send any information to Tom

LCC 26/3/21

Last year Chas had included some photos of the cycle parking at St Helier Hospital, as of January 2020 in the post St Helier section of Sutton’s first proposed Cycleway: feedback to consultation responses (see section 5.5). (it looks like some of it may have subsequently changed).

Above images taken 12th & 21st April 21 (Marcus Howarth). Seeing a number of parking options, some covered and one with a security door, though not sure how that works, a shared key? There are two covered hangers in the car park without sheffield stands so capacity could be added there in future.

So to make cycling an option for more people we need more well signed safe routes to and from the hospital.

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