Willow Walk: proposal to relocate existing road closure

1: Summary

Details of a proposal to relocate the existing road closure on Willow Walk, as set out in the Willow Walk (Stonecot ward) consultation (June 2019), are provided in section two.

Our comments on the proposal, as sent to Highways and Transport, Sutton and Kingston Shared Environment Service on 2 August 2019 in response to the consultation, are given in section three. Essentially, the relocation of the road closure needs to be seen as an opportunity to improve access for a greater range of cycles, including cargo bikes, delivery bikes and adapted cycles. The gap between bollards at the existing road closure  on Willow Walk is less than one metre, whereas the recommendation for access control is a minimum gap of 1.5 metres (London Cycling Design Standards: 4.5.15 Access Controls).

2: Consultation proposals

Sutton Consultation Hub: Willow Walk consultation

Willow Walk [Open Street Map | Google Streetview | Streetmap]


The Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee has agreed to consult residents in the area on a traffic scheme to re-locate the existing road closure in Willow Walk as a result of a request from a local business. The Council supports local businesses and aims to ensure the transport network meets the needs of the local economy.

Why We Are Consulting

The local business is having difficulty receiving deliveries to their premises via Whittaker Road due to the on-street parking so have started to have their deliveries via Kimpton Road. So to help to improve the movement of their freight we have the proposal to move the existing road closure location to allow better access to their premises via Kimpton Road. This proposal will require some parking restrictions to be introduced during the working day in Willow Walk.


Highways and Transport, Kingston and Sutton Shared Environment Service, wrote to local residents, in a letter dated 1 July 2019, inviting them to share their views on the proposal via the online questionnaire available at the Sutton Consultation Hub.

A plan was provided showing the proposed relocation of the road closure layout (see Figure 1). The plan is available as a pdf here.


Figure 1: Willow Walk – plan outlining proposals to relocate existing road cloaure

3: Our comments on the proposal

Thank you for writing to Get Sutton Cycling on 28 June 2019, to ask for our views on the proposal to re-locate the existing road closure on Willow Walk [Open Street Map] in Stonecot ward (as detailed with the online consultation Willow Walk [Sutton Consultation Hub]). It is understood that the proposal to relocate the point closure, by just a few metres, is to make deliveries easier for businesses in the area.

This proposal has our approval. Furthermore, we consider the re-location an opportunity to provide an improved ‘modal filter’. The existing arrangement [see Figure 2 and Figure 3 below] does not provide sufficient width for larger cycles, and so there would be the expectation that the new closure would be designed so as allow access by cargo bikes, delivery bikes and adapted cycles.

Hope these comments are helpful, and we look forward to receiving notification of the outcome of this consultation in due course.


Figure 2: Willow Walk – photo of closure (19 July 2019)


Figure 3: Willow Walk – photo of closure (19 July 2019)

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