Streetspace for Sutton: Safer, Active, Greener Streets

Article last revised 8 July 2020

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Sutton’s Environment Strategy 2019-2025

Following on from Sutton Council’s announcement on 22 May 2020 of the borough’s first measures in support of TfL’s London Streetspace Plan (which were discussed briefly in our ‘live’ post ‘Timeline for implementation‘), details of proposed measures to form the next phase of the Streetspace programme in the borough have been unveiled.

A report, with the compelling title ‘Safer, Active, Greener Streets‘, has been released as an agenda item ahead of the Strategy and Resources Committee meeting on 6 July 2020. ‘Safer, Active, Greener Streets‘ outlines how the Council can further improve the public realm, develop a commitment to environmental sustainability, and help with the green recovery from COVID-19. A list summarising the funding bids, as submitted to the DfT and TfL and totalling over £3.7m, is provided as an appendix to the main report. Two maps detailing the locations also provided of the proposed ‘School Streets‘; ‘All other proposals‘. Direct links to the pdfs on the council’s website are provided below.

Strategy and Resources Committee | 6 July 2020 | Agenda item 6

Safer, Active, Greener Streets (LB of Sutton, 25.06.2020 for 06.07.2020)
Appendix A – Summary of Bids(LB of Sutton, 25.06.2020 for 06.07.2020)
Appendix B – School Streets(LB of Sutton, 25.06.2020 for 06.07.2020)
Appendix C – All other proposals (LB of Sutton, 25.06.2020 for 06.07.2020)
Appendix A – UPDATED Summary of Bids (LB of Sutton, 06.07.2020)
Appendix C – UPDATED All other Proposals (LB of Sutton, 06.07.2020)
Appendix D – NEW Currently funded proposals(LB of Sutton, 06.07.2020)

Many of these measures outlined in the summary of bids document look very good. Especially those relating to the DfT Active Travel Submission, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, Cycleway elements, and School Streets.

The text from ‘Appendix A – Summary of bids’ document is reproduced below, along with graphics showing some detail from the maps.

First, some additional context (and there is more in the ‘Safer, Active, Greener Streets’ report of course):

In terms of funding, and as noted in the ‘Safer, Active, Greener Streets’ report, it is important to highlight the following (bold text is our emphasis):

  • “Streetspace is the new TfL strategy with a £45 million London Streetspace Plan (LSP) funding pot for walking and cycling improvements to ensure social distancing and lock in improvements for active travel across the capital which covers the first half of 2020-21 up until September”.
  • “All of TfL’s other funding streams, such as the LIP programme, Cycleways projects, Principal Road Maintenance and the Bus Priority programme, as set out in the report to the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee at the 11 March 2020 meeting are paused. This new fund is currently the only TfL funding accessible to boroughs in 2020/21“.

Although the funding streams have been reduced, and an announcement on the Liveable Neighbourhoods third funding bid (which it is believed could have seen Sutton awarded up to £6million) has been paused or possibly abandoned, there is reason to be optimistic. If the outlined Streetspace measures for the borough are endorsed, successfully delivered, and found to be popular, they are likely to afford very good value for money. Far better than anything the Local Implementation Plan has delivered in Sutton (with, or without, the Healthy Streets approach), that is for sure.

Let’s hope there is no going back to the old ‘normal’. Let’s hope that Streetspace is the start of something big. Because if it is, peoples’ discovery, or rediscovery, of walking and cycling during the COVID-19 pandemic will be one positive outcome that can be built on.

LIP programme April 2020 to March 2021 (“paused”)

‘Healthy Streets’ for Sutton year two (2020-2021)‘ (Get Sutton Cycling, 14 October 2019)

Summary of bids

The text here has been sourced from ‘Appendix A – summary of bids‘. The images are details from either ‘Appendix B – School Streets‘ or ‘Appendix C – All other proposals‘. Please note that three days after this post was originally published, new updated versions of both ‘Appendix A’ and ‘Appendix C’ were released on 6 July (see above for the links). The text and images that follow were taken from the original versions of these documents, so please refer to the revised versions for the updated information.

1: DfT Active Travel Submission

Bid based on the Liveable Neighbourhood work that includes low traffic zones in south Sutton, comprising two main areas, Langley Park Road / South Sutton and Belmont / Overton. Some tailoring of the proposals will be needed as DfT is only allocating £100,000 at this stage.

2: Strategic Cycling

Looking to provide local improvements at Parkgate Road / Park Lane, Grove Road, West Street and Church Road.

3: Low traffic neighbourhoods

Bid includes three schemes at Butter Hill, North Cheam and Worcester Park and the last two locations are sites within the East-West cycle route from Worcester Park to Sutton Town Centre.

4: Space at centres

Bid includes locations in the vicinity of shops, pharmacies, a cafe and a school and where there are narrow footways

5: LIP related proposals

Three locations that are considered to meet the LSP funding criteria and were already under development as part of the 2019-20 LIP programme and officers consider can be delivered by the end of September. The three locations are Sparrow Farm Road / Kingsmead Avenue area, Cheam station area and Foresters Drive.

6: Cycleway elements

Four sets of measures that help deliver the Colliers Wood to Sutton Cycleway, including completion of the Bishopsford Road toucan crossing, a segregated footway connection to St Helier hospital, Rosehill Park path and a package of four road closures and 20 mph speed limits on roads in the local area. LB Sutton and LB Merton revisited the Cycleways scheme, to ensure the proposals remained in line with the original objectives.

7: School Streets

Includes sixteen schemes (outside eighteen schools), with five of those schemes introduced using emergency powers to support return to schools from 4th June in Sutton Town Centre and Cheam. Includes a further programme to introduce ANPR enforced school streets at these five locations (Robin Hood Juniors, Cheam Park Farm, Cheam Common, Cheam Fields and Manor Park) plus the remaining eleven locations (Overton Grange, St Mary’s/St Philomena’s, Muschamp Primary, Rushy Meadow, Harris Academy Carshalton, All Saints Carshalton, Carshalton Sports College, Green Lane Primary, Westbourne Primary, Bandon Hill Primary/Sherwood Hill and St Elphege’s Catholic Infants and Juniors) from September 2020.

8: Town centre space

Bid for £40,000 for four town centre locations, three in Sutton town centre (two in Throwley Way and a stretch of St Nicholas Way) and one in Worcester Park (beneath the railway bridge). The schemes involve reallocation of road space to widen footways to improve pedestrian space and create more space for cycling.

9: Follow-up Town centre space

This covered a number of additional sites around Sutton Town Centre that provide access into the town, as well as 5 additonal locations where additonal road space had been identified.

10: Cycle parking

This covered cycle parking facilities in urban centres, parks, sheffield stands and cycle hangers at various locations and parking at schools.

11: Submission for Sunk Costs

This covers funding for works that were either underway prior to TfL pausing LIP work, or to cover invoices that were being processed.

For updates, also see ‘Streetscape for Sutton: The timeline for implementation‘ (and other posts in the Streetspace category).

v1.1: 8 July 2020

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3 comments on “Streetspace for Sutton: Safer, Active, Greener Streets
  1. Dave Tee says:

    Marcus Howarth. I’ve still got those boxing gloves when you are ready.

  2. Conor McKee says:

    I’m a resident in North Sutton and I ride a bike as often as possible. The North sutton cycleways/low traffic neighbourhood on website. Its noted that the only body consultated was a cycling body, was this getsutton cycling? The private sector has to submit transport impact studies for new schemes (including all modes – pedestrian, cycle and vehicle). Sutton appear not to have done this, I can find no reference to impacts studies for North Sutton LTN/cycleway scheme. The scheme has made it more dengerous for people to walk and cycle by increased traffic (and vehicle speeds) on previously quiet roads – (the residents of our neighbourhood have manually counted vehicles over numerous days). (I’ve certainly not seen an increase in cycling in this neighbourhood) The ‘modal filters’ are road closures that divert frustrated people in vehicles elsewhere. Critical junctions (Oakill Road/High Street) that are currently unsafe for ALL users could have been redesigned to be safe for people cycling, walking or driving with the money thats been used for this misguided scheme! And it has not been tested or studied – astonishing. I support safe streets but for everyone not just people on bicycles.

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