Help us list Streets for Social Distancing in Sutton

UPDATE: Please now add suggestions to Widen My Path and we will be copying all the previous suggestions from our map below soon.

Widen My Path

On 28 April, Councillor Manuel Abellan, the Chair of the Environment & Neighbourhood Committee, told us they are looking into options for what can be done and asked for suitable locations and advice in response to emails they had received from LCC members.

We are working on a list of suggestions and need your input.

Previous map added here for reference:


We are adding responses to the above map manually. To see all responses so far click here to open the google sheet

Help us prioritise widened pavements and emergency cycle lanes

Suggest a street by filling out this form (now deactivated)

You may have more than one suggestion, please re-submit this form for each street you think can:

1) benefit key workers cycling or walking to work.
2) provide space for social distancing while exercising.
3) support people while doing their essential shopping.

To see suggestions so far see Streets for Social Distancing Map

Write to the council

These email forms above already exist and are getting the attention of councillors. Please use either or both to show how many of us are serious about widened pavements and emergency cycle lanes in this time of need.

Spread the word

Just as Southwark and others are asking, don’t keep this to yourself!

To get the change we need, we must spread the word. If you’re on social media, share stories about your experiences on the streets at this time. If you’re on twitter, tag us @cyclinginsutton

Talk to your friends and neighbours about your concerns.

If you’re involved in a community or neighbourhood group, get in contact with us at and so that we can work together on this issue.

And again, if you haven’t already

Suggest a street by filling out this form

(now deactivated)

Thank you!

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5 comments on “Help us list Streets for Social Distancing in Sutton
  1. Cycle Routes on major bus lanes is another basic request

  2. Annie Kay says:

    Hamilton avenue. And create a better crossing for bikes with Trafalgar avenue.

    • Charles Martin says:

      That’s a very good suggestion Annie, thank you. We will add to the list, and update the map.

  3. Pauld802 says:

    I’m a fairly experienced cyclist and commute by bike – but still havent plucked up the courage to cycle to Croydon Town Centre. Anything that helps in this regard wiuld be great. Specifially signageas you get to and in the centre itself. Very confusing. Not a place to be confused – its got trams in it!

  4. […] lanes introduced in support of social distancing. This was facilitated through the creation of a Streets for Social Distancing Map, which later on was incorporated into Widen My Path (an online tool in which anyone can add to, or […]

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