Our meeting on March 6, 2019

London Cycling Campaign in Sutton: Wednesday March 6, 2019, at 7.30pm

The President’s Lounge, Sutton United Football Club, The Borough Sports Ground, Gander Green Ln, Sutton SM1 2EY

1   In attendance: Victoria, John P, Marcus, John K, Gary (in the Chair), Charles, Shirley, Colin, Dominic, Maeve. Apologies: Neil, Ben.

Thanks to John P for facilitating the excellent venue.

Thanks to members for not bringing cycles into the building.

2   Actions and matters arising from our last meeting on Jan 30, 2019
  a Bikefest– Dominic reported on good progress for this Sept 21 event in Beddington Park. Same day as Pedalling Cinema. Various cycling groups interested. Still working on a GSC involvement. Dominic will move forward with this.
  b the NCN208 locked gate – John K reported apparent good news; the relevant council officer knows of this and has said the gate should not be locked; relevant people from the Council are on the lookout. If it occurs again, we have the right Council contact.
  c Sutton Cycle Forum (Feb. 5) – Marcus made officers aware of Cyclescape, although their main interest in it was to see our comments; Marcus added that we may need to have private threads in future, to enable proper discussion of schemes.

TfL cycle infrastructure database is collecting data and will soon make information available publicly.

Sutton Council is finally (2019) to set up an internal cycle advisory group, as per its own Cycling Strategy of 2015. This is to ensure that a range of departments are aware of cycling issues.

Concern that Council officers are using discussion of schemes at the Forum to imply to residents that we approve of schemes; John K to raise this at next Forum.

  d Informal discussions about Sutton’s Liveable Neighbourhood Bid have been held; generally positive so far; good intentions expressed on the Council side. There may be further meetings.
  e Suitable meeting venues for future meetings were discussed, particularly concerning the issue of background noise.
  f Business cards are now available in various local venues; also distributed to meeting attendees.
3   Sutton Council consultations on local road schemes
    There can be many such consultations needing a response from the group. There is a need to share the responsibility for responding. Therefore we need a workshop to establish common responses/ policies about common features of local schemes, to ensure consistency, regardless of who writes a response. A working group to draw up ideas for discussion at the next group meeting.
4   News and updates: discussion of relevant local cycling issues

A “Spot the Cyclist” poster has been unveiled at the ICR site

Suttons Council’s E&N Committee is proposing e-bike hire in Sutton

The Council are revising their Air Quality Plan, LIP schemes and Environmental Strategy. All group members are invited to read these documents on the Sutton Council website.

5   National Cycle Network in Sutton: update and video (Marcus and Dominic)

Marcius showed the CommonPlace website where Sustrans have asked for comments to be uploaded on the quality of the local NCN routes. Local issues on routes 20 and 208 continue to be signage, barriers and surfaces. All group members are urged to contribute to the website.

Marcus has yet to have a satisfactory reply to his email to Sustrans enquiring about their intentions for NCN 20.

6   New newsletter contributions The insert in the LCC Magazine will be discontinued. However, Charles will continue to compile a quarterly local newsletter which will be emailed to local members. Contributions to Charles via getsuttoncycling@gmail.com or sutton@lcc.org.uk
7   AOB Mention was made of the London Bike Show at Excel and the possibility of organizing a feeder ride to RideLondon FreeCycle on August 3; volunteers to lead the feeder please con tact Marcus via getsuttoncycling@gmail.com or sutton@lcc.org.uk
8   Date and venue of the next general meeting: TBA. Items for the agenda to be sent to getsuttoncycling@gmail.com or sutton@lcc.org.uk . Include the word AGENDA in the subject line.

A committee meeting is planned prior to the next meeting to work out a scheme for responding to Sutton Council’s transport proposals that impinge on cyclists.


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