Notes from our January 2019 meeting

Date: 30 January 2019

Venue: Lord Nelson, 32 Lower Road, Sutton, SM1 4QP

Attending: Charles (Co-Coordinator), Colin, Dominic, Gary (Chair), John K (Secretary), John P, Maeve, Marcus (Co-Coordinator), Neil, Shirley, Toby.

Apologies: Ben (Treasurer), Victoria

1 Gary welcomed all to the meeting.

2 Action from our last meeting on 28 November 2018: Business cards – quotes obtained / designs discussed. Intended for publicity, to hand out to councillors etc., to attract prospective members. This was felt to be an effective use of our funds. Marcus and Charles to pursue the issue.

3 News and Updates

  • Sutton Cycle Forum, due to meet Feb 5, when Marcus will demonstrate Cyclescape, in the hope of widening participation in consultations on Sutton Council’s plans concerning roads where people cycle.
  • Dominic related the plans and possibilities for Bikefest in Beddington Park in September (Date tbc). The meeting responded positively with regard to participation from GSC: Dominic to liaise with group Co-ordinators and to report on progress at the next meeting.
  • National Cycle Network in Sutton: there have been issues with NCN20 and NCN208 concerning barriers to cycling.

(a) Marcus and Dominic to do an audit of these routes and report back, and perhaps make a video.

(b) Marcus to email Sustrans, querying their plans for these routes in the light of the possibilities they have outlined, including de-designation.

(c) John K has referred the NCN208 locked gate to the Sutton Cycle Forum and to report back.

4 Upcoming Sutton Council consultations

  • All relevant consultations are now placed on Cyclescape to allow all members to contribute to the group response.
  • There was a group response on Tweeddale Road.
  • Marcus will file group responses on Air Quality and Parking Strategy.

5 Local newsletter (inserted in LCC magazine and circulated to all local LCC members)

  • Shirley suggested formatting in columns to aid readability.
  • Suggestions were made for items for the newsletter, to continue the solid tradition that Charles has established.
  • Charles is willing to receive contributions for the newsletter- contributions to him please via or

6 Neil shared some ideas from Chris Kenyon (who was unable to attend this evening to talk to the group): points to consider when campaigning-

  • Social justice – cycling is part of the solution
  • Improving air quality – cycling is part of the solution
  • Aim for cycle networks, not cycle routes
  • Contacts with the local council: aim for 80% with those who are in power and 20% with the opposition.

7 Sutton’s Liveable Neighbourhood Bid. The group is looking to contribute ideas and comments on this bid. We aim to build on our Space for Cycling Ward Asks from 2014. At a forthcoming meeting, scheduled for 31 January and hosted by Sutton Council,  we will be discussing with Simon Munk from LCC central office.

8 Other business

  • LCC is using SLACK for improved internal communications. GSC can do so too.
  • There is a need for a better venue – concerns expressed about the level of background noise.

9 Next meeting:

Wednesday March 6, 2019, at 7.30pm.

Items for the agenda to be sent in before Wednesday February 27 to or . Include the word AGENDA in the subject line.

Venue: The President’s Lounge, Sutton United Football Club, The Borough Sports Ground, Gander Green Ln, Sutton SM1 2EY

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