Our response to the Demand Responsive Bus Trial consultation


Starting in May 2019 TFL are planning a 12 month trial with a fleet of 8 wheelchair accessible Ultra Low Emission Zone standard Mercedes 16 seater minibuses around Sutton. It would work using a Uber-style on demand app and designated stopping points placed at 200m intervals. Read the consultation here.

What has this to do with cycling? Initially discussing on Cyclescape we wanted to ensure stopping buses won’t be an obstruction for people who currently use those roads to cycle.

I’ve also tagged in a couple of extra points that came to mind: monitoring of speeds in 20mph zones, which could potentially slow down other roads users; and ideas for use of the data of these stopping points being used as a basis for a future 400m by 400m grid of cycle networks in the area.

Read our response here Demand Responsive Bus Trial response



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3 comments on “Our response to the Demand Responsive Bus Trial consultation
  1. Juia says:

    Have read the results of the consultation where the ability to use a telephone number was quoted as an alternative to an app – of particular interest to elderly people, but you do not quote the number!! Could you please let me know this number and the date that the service commences.

    • Marcus Howarth says:

      Hi Juia,

      I’ve seen the response from them, it’s all on website (www.gosutton.co.uk) and looks like it’s been live since Tuesday 28 May.
      Mentions how to use freedom pass, ride for free and use without a smart phone ( by calling our support centre at 01903 924259 or sending an SMS to 07588 673685.)

      More information about the service can be found by visiting http://www.gosutton.co.uk.

      If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me.
      Kind regards,
      Robert Varney
      Local Communities & Partnerships | Public Affairs & External Relations | Transport for London
      Mail: Red Zone, Floor 9, Endeavour Square, Stratford, London, E20 1JN
      Phone: 020 3054 1084 (81084 internally), or 07736 280 423 (mobile)
      Email: robertvarney@tfl.gov.uk

  2. Hi Juia, Can you provide a link to the results of this consultation please, I’ve searched but cannot see anything since Feb 2019. I’m sure once the service starts it would be TFL providing details of the mobile apps and numbers. Thanks

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