Notes from our October 2015 meeting

We were back at the Cock and Bull on 26 October for the seventh meeting of the year. Great to have eleven attendees, and yet another new face – which was brilliant! Thanks to everyone for coming. The intention this month was for the meeting to be on more of a formal footing. However, with eleven of us sitting around two tables, pushed together in a pub, quite how formal it turned out to be is debatable! Nevertheless, discussions flowed and ninety minutes flew. We are still looking for suitable venues in which to hold our more formal meetings on alternative months, so if anyone has suggestions please get in touch. That said, the staff at the Cock and Bull are always great, and the place has a pleasing ambience. So this will almost certainly remain a favourite venue for us.


1. Updates/news/actions since our last meeting held on 28 September
Space for Cycling ‘ward asks’ review
  • Borough roads: still nothing definitive, although heard today from Lynn Robinson (Senior Engineer, Regeneration and Parking Team, Highways and Transport Services, and Chair of the Council’s Cycle Forum) that a report on these was in preparation.
  • TfL roads: Report ‘Proposed cycle facilities on the TfL Road Network’ and accompanying ‘Appendix A: London Cycling Campaign ward asks on TfL roads’ had been submitted to the St Helier The Wrythe and Wandle Valley Local Committee on 8 October. This was the first of five Local Committees scheduled to receive the report. Two proposals had been presented, with the recommendation from Sutton Council officers that Members agreed that both be presented to TfL for consideration:
    • ‘A217 – Redesign of Rosehill roundabout to provide protected space for cyclists with a fully signalised perimeter path’
    • ‘A217 – Upgrades to the segregated cycle paths on Reigate Avenue and St Helier Avenue’
  • Members said ‘yes’ to the latter, but ‘no’ the former! Note: when the audio recordings of the meeting and the written minutes were subsequently made available it was only too obvious the whole process had been a farce. For the full story St Helier effectively says no to cycling, and there is a summary at St Helier’s decision on Rosehill roundabout – a summary.
S4C petition (23 July)

Still no formal response from the Leader of the Council to our Space for Cycling petition signed by 400+ Sutton’s residents. Now that three months have passed since the presentation, we no longer expect a written response. We take it as read, however, that there is the political will.

Cycling Strategy

Final version to be presented at the next Environment and Neighbourhood Committee meeting (26 November). A schedule outlining what has changed from the draft strategy will be included. It is hoped that the extensive comments and recommendations that we made in our response to the consultation are taken into account. The final strategy is likely to be launched early in 2016.

Cycling tours with Cllr Manuel Abellan

A third ride had taken place on 8 October in Cheam (John C, Ben), and a fourth took place on 10 October around Beddington (Chris). More tours are planned.

Sutton’s Sustainable Transport Strategy

Although approved and adopted in March, this important document only found a home on Sutton Council’s website (Transport Policy page) from 9 October (thanks to pressure from Chas).

Recent website posts

Chris posted his article Waalinden – If Wallington were in the Netherlands on 29 September; Chas M published Notes from our September 2015 meeting on 11 October, and the news that major cycling schemes for TfL roads were going to committee on 25 October.

2. London Cycling Campaign AGM and Campaigners’ Conference, 17 October

Several resolutions were voted on and passed. These included policy on One Way Streets, creating LCC’s vision for a cyclised city, and presumed liability. There were two emergency resolutions: cycle carriage on Eurostar and road building and the Silverlink Tunnel. Minutes will be available on the LCC’s AGM Minutes page.

The afternoon conference included a session on the Cycling Level of Service assessment tool from Transport for London’s Brian Deegan.

3. New Local Groups and coordinator handbook and activist literature

These very useful publications were discussed and noted! Available to download from the Forum and Local area of LCC’s website. Some printed copies handbook were loaned to Chris, Ben and John C.

4. Report on recent cycle rides with Cllr Manuel Abellan
  • Cheam, 8 October: Ben to write a summary for website.
  • Beddington South, 10 October: Chris to write a summary for website
5. Items for next newsletter

The deadline for the next quarterly newsletter is 23 November. The newsletter will be distributed with the December edition of London Cyclist magazine (free to members). It will also be available to download from the Local Groups News area of the LCC website, and from our own Newsletters page.

Likely items for inclusion:

6. Date of next meeting

We would like to broaden the appeal of our meetings, and to have some on a more formal basis than a pub can provide (especially when there is more than six or seven people attending). It was suggested, therefore, that for next month’s meeting on Monday, 23 November, we return to the Trinity Church Halls. To be confirmed, please check the meet-up page for confirmation.

An archive of the notes from all our meetings can be found here.

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