Green Wrythe Lane: an update

Sutton Council’s proposals for Green Wrythe Lane, update 22 January 2015

Get Sutton Cycling is pleased to learn that Transport for London has asked Sutton Council to put their proposed scheme for a cycleway footway, on a section along the west side of Green Wrythe Lane, on hold.

In correspondence received on 22 January, TfL advised that Sutton Council and TfL are to work together to review the scheme to determine a set of improvements that better satisfy the London Cycling Design Standards and the Mayors’ Vision for Cycling. As a next step, TfL’s technical cycling specialists and senior planners will meet with representatives from the borough in the near future. It was also noted that the funding that the council had anticipated obtaining for the original scheme will be secured by Transport for London, and used to support any agreed measures that come out of the review.

The fact that funding for cycling improvements in or around Green Wrythe Lane has been secured, even though the original scheme for this location is not to proceed as intended, is something that councillors should take note of. At the St Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley Local Committee meeting on 16 October 2014, it was suggested by councillors that not to approve the Green Wrythe Lane cycleway footway scheme would result in the loss of the funding. But this is not how things have transpired. It would appear, therefore, that it is not necessary to vote in approval of a proposal simply because funding has previously been allocated towards that proposal. Good to know for the future.

What clearly does matter, is the delivery of value for money. And if this is defined by the outcome (ultimately, in this case, towards cycling becoming a largely stress-free activity for many of Sutton’s residents for short journeys, with all the benefits that that could bring), and not just by the output (something for “cyclists”, so let’s tick the box and spend the cash), all the better. Because the more we can prove we understand the former, and are less inclined we are to nod towards the latter, the more likely it is we will be allocated the cash in the first place.

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