Carshalton Station approach road – July 2021 update

Timeline of previous articles:

Good start for cyclists but why hide it? February 2014

Improvements expected soon August 2019

Update March 2020

I took these last week starting from West St up to the station and back down to North Street.

TL;DR (spoiler alert) … a cycle rack.

No “Except Cyclists” on the No Left turn from West Street under the bridge.

No cycle logos or road markings to signify a cycle contraflow.

This incorrect Diagram 960.1 (mandatory) sign depicting a cycle lane is still there…
…and, better seen here, it’s twisted round facing the opposite pavement
And again incorrect Diagram 960.1 (mandatory) sign depicting a non existant cycle lane is still there…
No change to the correct signage here Diagram 960.2 (advisory) but road markings do not show any cycle contraflow.

To end on a more positive note:

Extra bike racks have been installed under cover. (This I took in May)

Images by Marcus Howarth taken 30th May and 10th July.

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