Carshalton Station approach road – March 2020 update

Following on from our commentary in August 2019, Carshalton Station approach road – safety improvements expected soon, there is now some further progress to report (beyond the cutting back of foliage that took place towards the end October).

In recent days (sometime between mid, and late, March 2020), two new cycle contraflow signs were installed onto existing lampposts on the Carshalton Station approach road. These welcome signs should give a clearer indication to drivers that they can expect to see people cycling in both directions on this one-way, with cycle contraflow, access road/car-park. (Although, as reported in August 2019, there is more to do).

Consequently, we have today written to the attendees of the onsite meeting held on 29 August last year to thank Govia Thameslink Railway for following through on one of the agreed actions. At the same time, the opportunity was taken to mention that the newly installed signs were technically the wrong diagram for use with an advisory cycle lane (and for purposes of illustration, we attached this report (pdf)).

It is hoped that, once we have ridden out the current national emergency, the new signs will be changed to reflect the existing conditions. More importantly, perhaps, work on the other actions will progress with more urgency than has been the case to date.


For some background to this story, see Carshalton Station approach road – safety improvements expected soon (August 2019)  

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