Sutton Cycle Forum November 2018

1: Overview

The fourth Sutton Cycle Forum of 2018 (and the twelfth since the borough’s Cycling Strategy was approved in November 2015, and subsequently published in February 2016) took place on 1 November 2018 at the offices of Sutton Council, Denmark Road.

Notes on the previous forum meeting, held on 10 July 2018, are available in Sutton Cycle Forum July 2018.


The following agenda for the November 2018 meeting had been received on 25 October 2018:

  1. Introductions (All)
  2. Minutes and actions arising from meeting on 10/7/2018
  3. Brighton Road / Cotswold Road update (LR)
  4. Scheme updates (LR/HW/KW)
    • 2017/18 ongoing
    • 2018/19 feasibility
  5. Date of next meeting
  6. Any Other Business

A ‘Schemes Update’ document (October 2018) had also been provided to Cycle Forum attendees on 25 October (the contents of which are discussed in ‘3: Borough schemes updates by Local Committee area’ below).


The meeting was chaired for the first time by Gemma Sugarman (Sustainable Transport Officer, Kingston and Sutton Shared Services). Also present: Lynn Robinson (Senior Engineer, London Borough of Sutton (LBS) – with responsibility for Local Committee areas Cheam North and Worcester Park; Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont); Hitesh Wadher (Senior Engineer, LBS – with responsibility for Local Committee areas Sutton; St Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley); Kevin Williams (Senior Engineer, LBS – with responsibility for Local Committee areas Beddington and Wallington; Carshalton and Clockhouse); Marcus Howarth (Member, London Cycling Campaign); John Kinnear (Member LCC); Shirley Quemby (Cycling UK; member LCC); Colin Quemby (Cycling UK; member LCC); Maeve Tomlinson (cycling instructor, supporter LCC).

Apologies for absence received from Councillor Manuel Abellan (Liberal Democrat, Beddington South, Chair Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, Cycling Champion); Ian Baker (Team Leader – Parking (Kingston) and Sustainable Transport, Kingston and Sutton Shared Services); Paul Garside (Senior Travel Planner, LBS); Charles Martin (Member LCC).

2: Headlines from the November 2018 Cycle Forum

The good news

There is a new member of staff. Gemma Sugarman has been appointed as Sustainable Transport Officer, working for Kingston and Sutton shared services, following the departure of Leigh Gravenor in May 2018

There is the intention to submit a Liveable Neighbourhoods bid in 2019, and spend the next twelve months really adding far greater detail and engagement to the proposal. LBS want to ensure that the opportunities are fully understood whilst also ensuring that TfL is provided with assurance as to the deliverability of the scheme.

Quietway Morden to Sutton – aiming for informal consultation in March 2019 for whole route, four closure options still not confirmed but looking likely.

The Local Implementation Plan (LIP) 3 document will be submitted to TfL on 2 November 2018, and will be made available to all via LBS website. (See ‘Our response to Sutton’s draft LIP3 consultation‘, Get Sutton Cycling, December 2018).

Get Sutton Cycling has been proposed for a Community Award.

The not so good news

There was no mention of the progress on the ‘Internal Cycling Advisory Group’, the establishment of which was an action in the 2015 Cycling Strategy. LR said that no progress had been made due to a lack of resources and funding relating to this item which is why it was not added to the agenda. JK said that it still should be added as a standing item and made the point that the LBS cycling strategy said it should exist and it is also stated in LCC Sutton policy. There was some discussion about who should belong to this group and it was felt that it should be a cross departmental group. It was agreed that it should be a standing agenda item so that it was not forgotten. (Action: GS to add as a n agenda item).

Phase 1 plans for the Brighton Road / Cotswold Road scheme were (at long last) shared. Disappointingly, the proposals include a fair amount of shared path. Several present pointed out that it will not work, because the shared path is not wide enough. We were told to await Phase II, when the area will be remodelled, and the two side roads separated, allowing for a better arrangement for cycling.

Lack of action at Corbet Close, Hackbridge (for background on this, see Sutton Cycle Forum July 2018). Lynn has visited site recently and she and Hitesh seem to be following it up. As an action from the last meeting HW shared a plan of Corbet Close. HW confirmed that the cycle path along Corbet Close will remain. The forum reported that it is narrow and substandard. HW in touch with legal team and not gone any further. (Apparently, there has been some legal complaint about the way changes were advertised). Forum are very keen to know what the position is. MT thought it could be possible to widen Corbet Close without cutting trees? LR was hopeful this would be the case. Action: LR and HW to investigate position re Corbet Close. 

Wandle Trail at Poulters Park – the k-frame barrier at Watermead Lane is staying (also see Sutton Cycle Forum July 2018). Sustrans rep had acknowledged that they cannot insist LBS remove the barrier as it is their land. However, Sustrans may complain about the lack of consultation prior to its removal. The barrier has been made slightly wider. John mentioned again the unmarked speed bumps in Watermead; it is private land, but Forum will forward concern to land owners. [Update: the subsequent publication of ‘Paths for Everyone: National Cycle Network review and action plan for London’ (Sustrans, November 2018), one of a series of action plans that set out the condition of the Network and highlight the improvements needed to make it truly a network for everyone, should help in this regard].

Other news

Carshalton station access. CQ reported that the pedestrian and cyclist access not been kept open as hoped by Network Rail (with work underway to install a lift at the station). LR reported that, as it is private land, LBS can only approach landowner. CQ said he will approach the landowner.

Beddington North TfL Major Scheme – some ongoing concerns. JK raised the email he circulated prior to the forum regarding concern from a LCC member about the new crossing in Beddington Lane (by Guy Road) which is part of the area improvement scheme. It was reported the the 20mph limit there is ignored by almost all drivers, and most drivers do not stop at the crossing and there were a number of near misses. KW reported that the it was the first stage of a number of improvements which should work together to reduce vehicular speeds. Another crossing was planned, a central median and a 24/7 lorry ban. LBS would continue to monitor. KW agreed to email a more detailed response to the LCC member that reported the concern.

3: Borough scheme updates by Local Committee area

The notes to previous Cycle Forum meetings contain some more detail on many of the schemes outlined here. In this review, the schemes are considered on an area by area basis (the six Local Committee areas). The specific financial years, to which the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) schemes relate (if appropriate), are noted in the text.

There is some concern that many of these schemes have not been out for consultation to cyclists, even when ‘consultation complete’ is recorded in the schemes update document.

Beddington and Wallington

The big project in Beddington and Wallington remains the Beddington North TfL Major Scheme for Beddington Lane. See ‘Other news’ in Section 2 above. (Note that this major project is outside the remit of the LIP programme).

Stafford Road / Woodcote Road intersection in Wallington (Wallington South) [Open Street Map and Google Streetview]. This 2016-2017 safety scheme is still “ongoing”. “Safety scheme being investigated. WSP modelling the junction. Liaising with TfL. Will link with Wallington N/S route scheme. Consultation to follow modelling.” KW is liaising with TfL and will be meeting with them in a couple of weeks. The scheme will link with Wallington N/S route scheme. Consultation to follow modelling. CQ raised the issue of how Stafford Road and the Sainsbury’s entrance interact and whether it would be possible to make pedestrian /cycle time. CQ informed that the traffic out of Onslow is back from stop line. MT reported that in Stafford Road cars trying to get out of Sainsbury’s is an issue. KW reported that traffic modelling is being carried out at the moment and will help to inform these issues.

Wallington North/South Cycle Route 2017-2018 scheme, with status “ongoing”. [At the January 2018 Cycle Forum, assurance was given that the Stafford Road / Woodcote Road scheme would be designed with consideration to a north-south cycle route [Open Street Map and Google Streetview] (a 2017-2018 scheme) to run parallel to Woodcote Road, and that designs will be shared with the forum].  Update: “Wallington North/South Cycle route – parallel to Woodcote Road and Manor Road. The route is Bute Road / Belmont Road / Bridge Road / Clarendon Road / Onslow Gardens. Improved cycle signs and lines to be completed in March 2019“. KW explained that the expectation was that the route would cross Croydon Road however there are limits as to what can be done as it is a red route. The forum would be consulted.

No report on Ross Parade/Clarendon Road/Ross Road [Open Street Map] which “needs to be added” within the north-south remit. No report on the April 2018 ACTION: ‘Ian Price to provide update on where designs at’.

Foresters Drive (between Sandy Lane and Mollison Drive) [Open Street Map and Google Streetview]. This 2017-2018 scheme is “ongoing’, with no change to the update given in April 2018. “This section of highway has had six accidents in the last three years. The junction with Sandy Lane South and Waterer Rise has had minor improvements over the years but complaints are still being received from road users. The road has a 30mph speed limit with an average carriageway width of 9m. There is currently a proposal to introduce a safer crossing point on Mollison Drive between The Newlands and Mollison Drive as this section has an existing cycle route. Options being considered for the Foresters Drive/Waterer Rise Junction”. KW reported that on Foresters Drive between Sandy Lane there is a high pressure gas main and only a depth of 150mm so looking at bolt down arrangements (!). Once again, if our 2014 Space for Cycling ‘ward ask’ for the Beddington South had been delivered (supported by all three ward councillors at the time), the issues here this would have largely been resolved by now.

Tharp Road [Open Street Map]. Update still “proposed one-way working”, plus “Consultation complete. Results currently being considered”. Proposed one way scheme and KW will forward the scheme consultation to the forum. CQ asked if two way cycle flow would be maintained and KW that it would. [No room for bikes: how Tharp Road could show borough-wide failure for cycling (January 2017)]

Butter Hill, Leachcroft Road and Caledon Road (Wallington North) [Open Street Map] A 2016-2017 scheme. Status: “ongoing”. Update: “20mph area and associated traffic calming. Consultation complete. Results currently being considered“. KW reported that the 20mph area scheme was carried over this year. Residents were consulted. CQ made the point that the forum should also have been consulted. KW said that he can retrospectively take views of the forum and will send the consultation to LCC. KW reported that traffic counts have been carried out on A232 and it has been put forward as a possibility to have one way with Butter Hill. KW explained that the issues associated with one way working, i.e. speeds increasing, need to be considered and it is all about finding the right balance. JK asked if it could be closed? KW reported that more traffic calming measures are planned on Leechcroft but not quite sure what yet. SQ raised that she thought that chicanes would not be good. Demand for zebra to be raised and dropped kerb on blind bend? Action: KW to send LCC consultation documents on Butter Hill

Collingwood School, Springfield Road (Wallington North) [Open Street Map | Google Streetview] New for 2018-2019. Status: “Feasibility”. Update: “Proposed safer routes to school scheme. Speed and volume data currently being considered.” KW reported that he hoped to have more of an update at the next meeting.

The Chase (Beddington North) [Open Street Map | Google Streetview] New for 2018-2019. Status “feasibility”. Update: “New zebra crossing to be installed in the school holidays. Works underway. due to be completed 29/10/18”. This is believed to be an upgrade of an existing, no signalised, crossing at the bequest of the Head of Highview Primary School. The reason? Possibly too much traffic on what should be a quiet street? There had been some considerable opposition from some residents to the idea of a zebra crossing (believed to have been around concern over losing kerb-side parking space), and a petition had been sent to the council. It is good that the discussion has been had, and issues resolved (hopefully), although, again, another lost opportunity to discuss low-traffic neighbourhoods.

Foresters Primary School, Redford Avenue (Beddington South) [Open Street Map | Google Streetview] New for 2018-2019, feasibility stage: “Safer route to school measures, Healthy Streets Approach. Currently working with the school to ensure prefered option addresses their concerns“. KW shared plans with the forum and reported that consultation would take place as soon as hears from the school.

Plough Lane area (Beddington South) (Open Street Map | Google Streetview] New for 2018-2019, feasibility stage: “Area based scheme with Healthy Streets Approach. Design only. Construction 19/20 financial year“. KW confirmed that this was at feasibility stage only with design scheduled for January [2019] time.

Carshalton and Clockhouse

There are currently no cycle-specific proposals for this local committee area.

Stanley Park High School (Carshalton South and Clockhouse) [Open Street Map and Google Streetview]. 2017-2018 scheme. Status: “ongoing”.  Update: “A 20mph area is proposed for the road network surrounding Stanley Park High School to encourage cycling and walking and create a safer environment for all road users. Consultation complete. Results currently being considered“. A 20 mph area is proposed for the area surrounding Stanley Park High School. KW reported that no traffic calming proposed other than a raised feature at entry and exit of the zone. KW to circulate to the forum for comments. Action: KW to circulate Stanley Park scheme plans to the forum for comment.

Stanley Park Road / Beeches Avenue area. 2018-2019 scheme. Status “Feasibility”. Update: “An area based scheme on the Healthy Streets Approach – improved crossing points, 20mph limits. Aiming for consultation in November“. LR showed the study areas. A zebra crossing is hoped by Waverly Avenue. And no entry plug proposed at Crichton road – but waiting for Cllr feedback. MT raised the possibility of more priority give way lines to give priority to peds and cyclists, as is done in Lambeth. MH reported that he believed this would start to become the norm. (A reminder that our Space for Cycling ‘ward ask’ for Carshalton South and Clockhouse in 2014 noted that “There is a lot of potential for access improvements to Stanley Park High School by bicycle, and this requires a review and audit for suitability of many local streets”.  This included the idea that Fountain Drive being redesigned as a linear park. Two of the three ward councillors supported the ask at the time. Does not appear to have made any difference).

Cheam North and Worcester Park

There are currently no cycle-specific proposals for this local committee area.

Brookfield Primary School (Stonecot) [Open Street Map and Google Streetview]. A 2017-2018 scheme. Status: Ongoing. Update: “Consultation was undertaken in August / September 2018. Statutory consultation in November 2018“. LR reported that she had already circulated the scheme plans for comments and statutory consultation would take place in November.

Church Hill Road (Nonsuch) [Open Street Map] A 2017-2018 scheme. Status: Complete. Update: “20mph area implemented in June 2018. 20mph speed limit enforceable from 2 July 2018. Repeat traffic counts undertaken w/c 16 October. Review paper 18 November“. LR reported that vehicle activated signs would be going in. LR also reported that surveys have shown that Lumley Road has had the highest reduction in speeds; by 5mph since the physical measures. Cllr’s have asked for a formal review.

Central Road (Worcester Park) [Open Street Map and Google Streetview]. A 2018-2019 scheme. Status: Feasibility. Update: “Designing a scheme to reduce congestion and improve conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport. Aiming for consultation November 2018“. LR reported that this scheme is ready for consultation and online. The aim of first phase is to get all existing parking off main flow of road. The consultation more to do with traders and parking arrangements. MT raised that this area is a high pollution hot spot. LR reported that there would hopefully be a quietways scheme in the Browning Avenue area. CQ said they were promised a contra flow in Stone Place but LR said they have narrowed the road too much.

Windsor Avenue / Henley Avenue area (Stonecot) [Open Street Map | Google Streetview]. A 2018-2019 scheme. Status: Feasibility. Update: “Design and consultation this year of an area using the Healthy Streets Approach“. LR reported that scheme feasibility would be this year and the idea is that the 20mph area will focus on Windsor Avenue and Henley Avenue.

St Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley

London Road / Goat Road junction (Wandle Valley, and just into the London Borough of Merton) [Open Street Map | Google Streetview]. Now a 2018-2019 scheme. Status: Feasibility. Update: HW to work with Merton on. Traffic, topographical surveys being commissioned. Preliminary options being worked up. HW reported that preliminary options are being worked up and he would circulate when more work had been completed. [Given that there was a fatality close to this location in April 2014 (as reported here by the Sutton Guardian) and a collision in which two people were hospitalised in April 2017 (again, Sutton Guardian reports here, London Road / Goat Road intersection needs to be given the top priority. London Road A237 is an extremely hostile road for cycling, and there have been issues particularly for those cycling southbound and wishing to turn right into Goat Road. Therefore, the sooner this junction is improved, the better. There is plenty of space. [Our Space for Cycling ward ask for Wandle Valley has more on London Road (A237)].

Green Wrythe Lane / Waltham Road (St Helier) [Open Street Map | Google Streetview] A 2018-2019 scheme. Status: Feasibility. Update: “Proposed zebra crossing. Informal consultation July/August (2018). Overwhelming support. Implementation scheduled in Nov 18“. HW reported that installation of the zebra crossing was starting on site. Action: Zebra crossing completed on 4th Dec 2018.[Essentially taken two years from the time of making the request to the time getting the facility.]

Outside the remit of the LIP: New Mill Quarter, Hackbridge, the former Felnex site [Open Street Map | Google Streetview]. Essentially, Sutton Council and the developers of the site have let us down badly on this new development. Some background, with updates (that go nowhere), in Felnex redevelopment – an acid test for cycling. ACTION from January 2018: ‘LG to raise issue with Felnex developers’. Response April 2018: ‘Email has been sent to developers with concerns listed‘. No further mention July 2018 or November 2018.


The big (potentially very big) projects for the Sutton Local Committee area are the Quietways and the Liveable Neighbourhood bid. See Section 2, ‘Good news’, above.

The following non-cycling specific schemes for the Sutton Local Committee, appeared on the ‘schemes update’ documentation.

Sutton High Street / Angel Hill (by Vermont Road, Sutton Common Road, All Saints Road) (Sutton North) Open Street Map and Google Streetview. A 2016-2017 scheme to install a signalised, staggered, pedestrian crossing. Status “Ongoing”. Update: “Programmed for summer 2019”. [A study was carried out in 2015/16, but it is hoped that by the time the scheme goes ahead, the design will be for a straight-across, rather than staggered, crossing].

Collingwood Road between Oldfields Road (A217) and Bushey Road (Sutton North) [Open Street Map | Google Streetview] A 2018-2019 scheme. Status: Feasibility. Update: “Speed reduction measures, safer route to Westbourne Primary School, improving crossing facilities. Preliminary proposals agreed with School, residents and Cllrs etc. Informal consultation in Nov/Dec 18“. HW showed overview plans of the traffic calming measures that are available online and reported that to the forum would be consulting soon. [It is worth noting that this section of Collingwood Road was subject to speed reduction measures in 2013, when a 20mph speed limit was introduced].

Frederick Road / Alberta Avenue between St Dunstan’s Hill (A217) and Gander Green Lane (Sutton West) [Open Street Map | Google Streetview] A 2018-2019 scheme. Status: Ongoing. Update: “Speed reduction measures, junction treatments, traffic calming. Consultation complete in Sept, response summary to be reviewed by Ward Cllrs for a decision to proceed or not.” HW reported that the speed cushions may be shelved. Awaiting Cllr decision. [Potentially an opportunity to have a conversation with residents around low-traffic neighbourhoods].

Sutton High Street / Oakhill Road (Sutton North) [Open Street Map | Google Streetview] A 2018-2019 scheme. Status: Feasibility. Update: “Junction improvement – Accident reduction scheme. Preliminary options being worked up“. HW reported that preliminary options are being drawn up currently. [Noting that this junction, like Collingwood Road above, has been a location that has had “improvements” introduced in relatively recent times. In 2009, Sutton Living Streets responded to a “Local Safety Scheme for Sutton High Street“, which featured the Sutton High Street and Oakhill Road junction].

South Sutton, Cheam and Belmont

There are no specific cycling related schemes for the South Sutton, Cheam and Belmont area.

Brighton Road / Cotswold Road Phase 2 (Belmont). [Open Street Map and Google Streetview]. Originally a 2016-2017 LIP proposal (or even earlier), carried over to 2017-2018. Status: Ongoing. Update (essentially the same as that of July 2018): “Phase 1 feasibility study was undertaken by Project centre. The brief was to look at the junction of Brighton Road / Cotswold Road / Chiltern Road due to possible changes to the area through the development of the Cancer Hub and new secondary school. Stakeholder consultation in October/November. First phase of measures to be implemented in Summer 2019“.  [In 2014 we said we would like to see a major upgrade to the whole of Brighton Road, and we have been saying the same ever since (see ‘The idea of Space for cycling on Brighton Road gathers support‘)]. LR showed Brighton Road / Cotswold Road / Chiltern Road scheme plans to the forum. These plans are part of phase 1 feasibility study. LR explained that a new school is due to open in September next year. Currently Year 7 are located in the hospital grounds. As part of the planning agreement there had to be improvements to the junction of Brighton Road/Cotswold Road/Chiltern Road. This included a new pelican crossing on Brighton Road and improved crossing points on Cotswold Road; as a minimum tactiles, but the suggestion is actually a zebra crossing.
Phase 1 must be implemented by Sept 19 and stakeholder consultation is in November. LR mentioned that this scheme has not gone public yet and as such is not to be shared publicly.
LR also showed the long term aspirations related to the scheme. In the long term the cancer hub will evolve and the tram consultations will be taking place.
JK thought that the curved section of shared use path shown in the scheme path could be difficult to use. LR explained that LCC would be consulted on the scheme as part of the formal consultation. Action: LR to consult LCC as part of formal consultation.

Grange Road / Worcester Road (Sutton South) [Open Street Map] A 2017-2018 scheme. Status: Ongoing. Update: “20mph area has been abandoned
Possible new zebra crossing on Mulgrave Road“. LR reported that the Grange road / Worcester road 20mph area was not going to happen. The feasibility of a zebra crossing on Mulgrave Road on the corner of Bridge Road was being investigated and consultation would take place in the new year. [Apparently, the abandonment of 20mph is believed to be something to do with the cost of installing traffic calming. However, 20’s plenty for Us suggest that inexpensive traffic calming – signs, lines, staggered parking bays, planters etc – are often sufficient to ensure compliance (20 questions about 20’s Plenty answered). Certainly, speed cushions are not the way forward. Interestingly, Cllr. Hicks (Belmont, Conservative), in replying to a question about 20mph at the Sutton Civic Hustings held on 16 April 2018 (mentioned in the Notes from our June 2018 meeting), said that the issue here was less to do with speed and more to do with too much traffic using side roads as opposed to the main roads. We agree, and say bring on low-traffic neighbourhoods. We subsequently wrote to Sutton Council Leader Ruth Dombey on 19 August 2018, providing evidence in support of 20mph. Despite the abandonment of 20mph in this area of South Sutton, it does look as though 20mph speed limits are being introduced across more areas of the borough at this time – the rate of conversion is speeding up. Our Space for Cycling ‘ward ask’ for Sutton South related to the provision of quieter routes for cycling in the area by discouraging through traffic on residential roads. Whether the proposals for Grange Road / Worcester Road helps with that remains to be seen].

Banstead Road South (Belmont) [Open Street Map | Google Streetview] A 2018-2019 scheme. Stage: feasibility. Update: “Designing a scheme to reduce vehicle speeds”. Banstead Road South – LR reported that this work went into purdah.

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