Notes from our March 2018 meeting

Get Sutton Cycling – the London Cycling Campaign in Sutton – met on the 14 March 2018 in the Presidents’ Lounge, Sutton United Football Club, The Borough Sports Ground, Gander Green Lane, Sutton, SM1 2EY

1 Present: Gary (Chair), Charles (Coordinator), Neil, John K (Joint secretary), John P, Shirley, Colin and Dominic. Apologies: Ben (Treasurer), Toby, Marcus (Joint secretary), Maeve, Helen and Anton.

Thanks to John P for arranging this productive venue again.

2 Actions and matters from our last meeting (24 January 2018):

  1. The proposed meeting with Will Norman (Walking and Cycling Commissioner), jointly with other LCC groups, is now possible in September; details will follow.
  2. Charles has received expenses for the AGM and the website (123-reg/ WordPress).
  3. On 4 March 2018 an email was sent to the four main political parties in Sutton asking how they would help the mayor deliver on targets set within his Transport Strategy if elected to run Sutton Council in May. No replies yet; a follow up email is planned. Their replies will appear in a GSC blogpost.
  4. Sutton Council is still expressing general support for cycle routes to the new Cancer Hub, but specifics are still lacking.
  5. Charles wrote to Sutton South councillors on 25 January 2018 about a trial closure of Grange Vale – replies were unsupportive.
  6. Charles wrote to Sutton North and Sutton Central councillors on 25 January 2018 to ask for updates about the Quietway scheme. No significant replies have been received.
  7. Neil will continue to try to progress CLOCS with Sutton Council.
  8. Charles is in correspondence with LCC about the new data regulations.
  9. Cllr Abellan has responded formally to our Air Pollution video; the reply was general rather than specific; we need to respond further and to share his response.

3 My Liveable London

My Liveable London, an LCC/London Living Streets campaign for the May 3rd council elections, launches from March 19th. It asks councils to prioritise making it easier and enjoyable to walk, cycle and use public transport; to cut rat-running, reduce traffic jams, revitalise high streets and lower air pollution. It calls for more connected, inclusive communities, making it easier for people of all abilities and ages to get around.

The campaign seeks to raise the voice of people wanting safer and more enjoyable streets for people on foot and bike. The needs and demands of people walking and cycling often go hand in hand, especially when it comes to creating less car-dominated neighbourhoods.

The Mayor and TfL now have the Liveable Neighbourhoods programme –  funding for councils to create places where walking and cycling are easier and car use is reduced.

The elections create the opportunity to get the next Sutton Council to commit to bidding for, and delivering, a high-quality Liveable Neighbourhood. There is a risk that the council will fail to bid, put in a half-hearted bid, or use the money in ways that focus on street-scaping rather than the central issue of reducing motor traffic and providing attractive opportunities to walk and cycle. We need to prevent this from happening and allow the Liveable Neighbourhoods programme to be an outstanding success.

Charles suggested that we could all spread the word to: candidates in the local elections, local party leaders, local groups, clubs, friends and family. The London Cyclist magazine and the LCC website have information and links; Charles’ suggestion below (item 5) for using annotated images on Twitter is also relevant.

Subject to availability of people, we could print cards and/or tags for bicycles and/or have a stall at a Farmers Market.

4 News and Updates

  1. Croydon Fiveways. TfL have accepted that the second version of their plan had inadequate cycling provision, so there will be a third version in due course.
  2. Jeremy Vine was quoted as saying to a GLA meeting that he felt safer cycling in central London than in the London Borough of Sutton.
  3. Information was shared on discussions about cycling at the Living Streets Walking Summit (10 March 2018) and on relevant Sutton Council and GLA committees.

5 Other business

  1. LCC discounts in cycle shops may play a part in attracting local people to join LCC. There is currently nowhere in the London Borough of Sutton offering a discount to LCC members. Charles to write to the LCC marketing department on this.
  2. There was discussion about the newly installed and restrictive barrier at Watermead Lane on the Wandle Trail (see @lastnotlost’s post ‘London’s Sutton Council bars disabled cyclists from NCN20, Wandle Trail‘ for more on this). John K to write to a relevant local councillor specifically about the lack of prior consultation with our group.
  3. Charles shared examples of how annotated images – with annotations added in PowerPoint – can be used on Twitter to make campaigning points about cycling facilities. Dominic shared other techniques.

6 Actions to be completed after the meeting:

  1. John K to draft follow-up email to local political parties (see item 2.3) with deadline for their replies. Charles to send it and publish whatever replies are received or not.
  2. Charles to respond to Cllr Abellan’s reply to our Air Pollution video (see item 2.9).
  3. We should all spread the word about My Liveable London. (See item 3).
  4. We could undertake specific campaigning activity for the local elections, subject to other commitments (see item 3).
  5. Charles to follow up the lack of local LCC discounts (see item 5.1).
  6. John K to write to local councillor about the lack of consultation about the new Wandle Trail barrier. (See item 5.2).
  7. We could all post annotated images on Twitter to raise awareness of issues that concern us as people who cycle in the London Borough of Sutton. (See item 5.3).

7 Next meeting (to be confirmed)

Wednesday June 6, 2018, the Presidents Lounge, Sutton United Football Club, The Borough Sports Ground, Gander Green Lane, Sutton SM1 2EY, from 7.45pm.

(Bus 413 and Thameslink at West Sutton station are next to this venue).

Subsequently learned that refurbishment work at SUFC was scheduled to take place during June, and that consequently the Presidents Lounge would not be available. In April, we were able to announce that the venue for the 6 June meeting would be the Robin Hood, 52 West St, Sutton SM1 1SH (room upstairs) and that we would be joined by a guest speaker, Paul Gasson from Waltham Forest.   


Some updates CM 18.06.2018

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