Transforming Fiveways Croydon Factual Consultation Report

On 13 March 2018, Transport for London provided an update on the Fiveways Croydon consultation, that had taken place in the summer of 2017, with the publication of Transforming Fiveways Croydon Factual Consultation Report. The report, which provides comprehensive details of all aspects of the consultation, is available from the TfL Consultation Hub Results Updated 13 March 2018.


Some areas of the proposals could be amended to strengthen cycling provision

TfL had received 431 direct responses to the consultation, including 27 from stakeholder organisations. Of these responses, 63 per cent supported or supported most elements of our proposals, 19 per cent opposed all or most elements of our proposals, and 18 per cent did not give an opinion or were not sure.

Of the 431 direct responses, 285 were from local residents, where 72 per cent of respondents supported or supported most elements of our proposals.

The conclusions and next steps section of the report notes:

“Following careful consideration of consultation responses, we have identified some areas of the proposals which could be amended to improve project affordability, further improve the pedestrian environment and strengthen the cycling provision in support of the draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy and the Healthy Streets approach. Together with Croydon Council, we are continuing to work through the issues raised and will consider how best to respond to them by exploring the options available and testing their feasibility. We anticipate publishing a second report in summer 2018 that responds to the issues raised and will indicate how we propose to move forward with the project.”

It is very welcome news that options are to be explored which could result in an improved pedestrian environment with strengthened cycling provision.

Our response to the summer 2017 Fiveways consultation (available in Fiveways Croydon 2017) has been summarised in the Factual Consultation Report as follows:

Get Sutton Cycling (LCC in Sutton)

Get Sutton Cycling, the Sutton borough group of LCC did not support the proposals, and submitted the following response:

  • Fiveways Corner, in the London Borough of Croydon, is located just 300 metres from the boundary with the London Borough of Sutton and changes made are likely to have consequences on the transport choices, and the trips made, by residents across Sutton
  • Proposals fail to fully deliver on the Healthy Streets approach
  • Focus on increasing the capacity for traffic while not providing capacity for movement by bicycle, contradict the main aspirations of the Mayor’s new draft Transport Strategy
  • Provide limited and partial improvements for cycling, which neither facilitate safe cycling along the dominant flows or recognise the potential for enabling cycling for local journeys
  • Proposals provide for more road space, without including high quality cycling infrastructure
  • There are no plans to provide comfortable and safe cycling movements through any arms of the Fiveways Junction. As a result, there are several likely Cycling Level of Service critical issues here. Advanced Stop Lines are not appropriate
  • Only painted lanes cycle lanes are proposed on the new Purley Way bridge over the railway, and cyclists on the southbound lane, not wishing to turn left into Epsom Road, are expected to merge with three lanes of general traffic in order to continue their journey south
  • On the widened section of Purley Way, between Epsom Road and Stafford Road, cycling infrastructure is not included in the plans
  • ‘Toucan’ cycle friendly crossings and shared-use pavements are not adequate
  • Although the carriageway width is to be increased on this section of the A23, the volume of traffic travelling southbound will actually decrease because eastbound traffic will be able to take advantage of the proposed two-way working on Epsom Road
  • Acquire land currently used in the grounds of the Morrison’s store to provide protected space for cycling
  • The 2015 proposals provided dedicated cycling infrastructure on Stafford Road here, and it is not clear why the 2017 proposals have withdrawn this feature
  • Lack of provision for cycling between the two sections of Epsom Road at the intersection with Duppas Hill Road mean that this junction is still a barrier to cycle movement
  • Staggered pedestrian crossings will take far too long to navigate

Also see:

Transforming Fiveways Croydon (Get Sutton Cycling, March 2015)

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v1: 13.03.2018

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