Sutton’s proposed first Quietway: the conversation begins

Quietway update: June/ July 2017

In mid-June 2017, Sutton Council sent a letter to all residents of Grennell Road, Elgin Road, Benhill Wood Road and the surrounding area [Streetmap], to inform them about the council’s proposals, in partnership with Transport for London and Sustrans, to develop the borough’s first ‘Quietway‘ in their neighbourhood. The letter, which was set in the context of the opportunity afforded from potential Healthy Streets funding, seeked the views of residents to help develop the proposals. Along with the announcement of three public drop-in sessions that were to take place later in June, and the launch of an online Quietways Highways Survey to run until 19 July (subsequently extended throughout August), the letter signalled the beginning of an engagement process that has the potential to result in significant investment to help residents enjoy a cleaner, healthier and more inclusive environment.

Extracts from the letter sent to residents:


Maps illustrating traffic volumes in the survey area, and the proportion of traffic that is non-local, were displayed at the public drop-in sessions:


Our response

Our response to the Quietways survey, which essentially reinforced our recommendations set out in Sutton’s proposed first Quietway: what is required to make it a success?, was submitted on 19 July.

Extracts from our response to the survey:

We are excited about the prospect of the Quietway progressing, and are pleased that an engagement process with people residing in and around the neighbourhood of the proposed alignment has began prior to any formal consultation on specific plans. This approach essentially gives residents the opportunity, at the outset, to provide their views on their current travel choices, on road traffic and on the quality of their streets. Consequentially, this will help engender a feeling of involvement should plans to improve the area be subsequently developed as a result of the feedback received. It is also gratifying to note that the discussion is being set in the context of ‘Healthy Streets’, indicating that any improvements will potentially benefit everyone. With the prospect of funding from Transport for London, a unique opportunity is certainly being provided.

….a reduction in the volume of traffic on many of the roads along the proposed route is essential for the success of this Quietway

The successful implementation of this section of Quietway will, from the outset, depend on the support of councillors representing the three wards concerned.

The full response is available to download as a PDF here: Quietways Highways Survey: comments from Get Sutton Cycling July 2017.

Quietway update: August 2017

On 25 August 2017, Sustrans provided the following update:

  • Designs have been developed for the Colliers Wood to Sutton route, and we expect public consultations on the proposals to begin over the next few months.
  • Sutton has been surveying local residents in the Grennell Road, Elgin Road and Benhill Wood Road area, as well as parents at All Saints Primary school, to find out how they would like Quietways and Healthy Streets funding to be used to improve the area for walking and cycling.
  • The area currently experiences high volumes of through traffic which contribute to pollution, noise and road safety risk. 70% of the 5000 daily vehicles come from outside of the area because people use these streets to take short-cuts. This has an impact on everyone, but particularly on children, those with impaired mobility and people walking and cycling.
  • A summary of responses to the survey will be available online from the end of the September, keep an eye on for updates
  • Following that, design proposals will be developed in response to the feedback received, and residents will be able to comment on them as part of a public consultation.

Useful links

The anticipated route alignment of the Colliers Wood to Sutton Quietway can be explored through Open Street Map.

Merton Council has provided a ‘Councillor Scheme Briefing‘ for the route, which includes an outline map of the whole route plus some details of the proposed interventions in Merton. This briefing is available from Merton Council Cycle Quietways  (Our thanks to @lastnotlost for reminding us about this. Also see the Get Sutton Cycling ‘Borough News and Update June 2017’ available from the Newsletters page).

Extract from ‘Councillor Scheme Briefing’ (Sustrans, TfL, Merton Council, March 2017):


Our previous posts relating specifically to Sutton’s first Quietway include:

The London Cycling Campaign provide an archive of responses to consultations here.

London’s first Quietway (Q1), linking Greenwich with central London, opened in June 2016. Roadcc has more here: London’s first Quietway officially opens

v1: 27.08.2017; v1.1 28.08.2017 (added reference to the ‘Councillor Scheme Briefing’)

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