January 2020 in review


This post was originally published as ‘Our tweets in January 2020’ on 9 February 2020, and subsequently renamed ‘January 2020 in review’ on 18 February 2020.

This is the first of what is hoped will become a regular digest of what, as far as we are aware, has been happening on the cycling, and active travel, front in the London Borough of Sutton throughout the month. The main source for the review is likely to be our online presence, primarily through our Twitter account @cyclinginsutton, which will include links to our blog posts. But there will also some offline info too, generally a summary of the correspondence (without naming names or going in to too much detail) of the what has been discussed through email.

Whether replicating all our micro-posts published through our Twitter account proves to make for interesting reading, time will tell. Tweets tend to be ephemeral, and for the moment. Nevertheless, they can create some useful content, and provide opportunities for conversations. Having our tweets replicated here as an archive, will not only provide a greater element of longevity but will also remind us of some aspects of our work for which there is neither the time, or possibly the inclination, to write full blog posts. It may also highlight things that we that missed and didn’t talk about. Conversely, perhaps, things that we did talk about, but maybe would have been better off not having talked about (and there is at least one example here – see if you can spot it).

So, here we go with January 2020. Firstly, online, and starting with notice of the London Cycling Campaign’s Winter Social, and ending with the barriers on the NCN, by way of Kingston, Croydon, 20mph, highlights of 2019 and what we can look forward to in 2020, planning applications and new housing developments that seemingly forget about cycling, traffic management orders, cycle parking, and just a mention of Healthy Streets. The first two tweets from February are also included, simply because they directly refer to tweets posted in January.

By all means let us know what you think (either thought the website, by email, or, of course, on Twitter).



During January 2020, topics by email included:

  • Writing to council officers to:
    • follow-up a request, received from a Sutton resident, regarding Cyclehoop cycle storage
    • discuss the Tharp Road Safety Audit (December 2019 Cycle Forum)
    • ask for an update on the proposed London Road / Goat Road scheme (ongoing LIP project) (December 2019 Cycle Forum)
    • ask for an update on monitoring moped activity with CCTV on the Wandle Trail (December 2019 Cycle Forum)
    • provide feedback to a request for possible locations for additional cycle stands primarily in the Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee area (clarification received 21 January)
    • provide feedback to a request to provide comments on proposed locations for cycle parking on TfL roads
  • Writing to Sustrans officers to request an update on the NCN ‘Paths for everyone’ review (following our previous email in October 2019 on the same topic to which there had not been a response)
  • Discussing with supporters:
    • a consultation, relating to the future of RideLondon
    • the annual LCC Local Groups Survey
  • Sharing with GSC committee members a draft response to the imminent Liveable Neighbourhoods funding bid announcement
  • Responding to a Sutton resident who asked for more news on the proposed Cycleway in the north Sutton area
  • Replying to correspondence receiving from councillors regarding an invitation to discuss the future of the Cycle Forum


A Get Sutton Cycling meeting (open to all) was held on 27 January 2020 in central Sutton. See ‘Notes from our January 2020 meeting‘, which includes a link to the co-ordinator’s presentation slides.

v1: 09.02.2020; v1.1 11.02.2020 – added ‘Offline’ section;

v2: 18.02.2020 – renamed ‘January 2020 in review’; v2.1: 18.02.2020 ‘Meetings’ added

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