Notes from our June 2016 meeting

We headed over to the Kingston Environment Centre in New Malden on 28 June for our first formal meeting since April. This choice of venue not only made a pleasant change (and we had done something similar to this in June 2015) but also presented the opportunity to meet up with supporters of the Kingston Cycling Campaign and hear all about the latest round of mini-Holland proposals currently open for consultation.

There are four mini-Holland, or as they are now know “Go Cycle”, consultations for Kingston. Unfortunately, the proposals, details of which are available from the council’s Community Engagement Portal, fall very far short of what had been hoped for. These proposals need to be greatly improved if the intention is for them to deliver a difference in the way many of us travel. It is very difficult to see, for example, what exactly is Dutch about the plans for the Fountain Roundabout in New Malden, when all that is being offered is shared space (and conflict) for pedestrians and cyclists.

Kingston Cycling Campaign have worked hard on their response to these consultants, and we are very impressed. We recommend you take a look and then respond to the consultations too. But hurry, the closing date is Monday 18 July.


Our thanks to Nick, John, Roger and Andy for being such great hosts, and our thanks to Tariq at the Kingston Environment Centre for kindly providing the venue. We wish we had something equivalent to this in Sutton!

v1: 16.07.2016

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