Campaign election candidates via #VoteBike


A recent Guardian article asked Which party’s manifesto is strongest on cycling? and of the major parties the results are disappointing:

  • Conservative – 2/10
  • Labour – 4/10
  • Liberal Democrat – 8/10
  • Green – 10/10
  • UKIP – 0/10

The CTC’s campaign is emailing all local electorial candidates ahead of the general election to get their views on policy measures in line with the recommendations of the parliamentary ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report, which received strong cross-party backing. The links below show responses received from local candidates to CTC.

Of course backing from MPs need’s to be also implemented by local councillors, Tom Brake emailed me directly and said he was working towards the recommendations from the “Get Britain Cycling” report. This is encouraging given Sutton has a majority of Liberal Democrat councillors though the London Cycling Campaign still has only the backing of 19% of them for Space for Cycling.

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One comment on “Campaign election candidates via #VoteBike
  1. […] General Election (7 May 2015): Campaign election candidates via #VoteBike (Get Sutton Cycling, 21 April 2015). The manifestos for 2015 are available at 2015 United Kingdom […]

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