Good road design for cycling…in the UK

Good road design for cycling…in the UK
Look at this for road design. On the right, two lanes for through motor traffic– two unencumbered lanes with no random parked cars to hold things up. So good for motorists.


Then a row of parked cars. Plenty of parking.


Then a buffer lane, with islands spaced close enough to stop vehicles from encroaching on the buffer lane and to protect cyclists from open doors.


Then a two-way cycle track and a separate pedestrian walkway.


It runs from Eastney along the coast into Southsea (Hampshire)- not all exactly like this, but all quite similar. Not perfect, some will say, but not far off perfect for most of us.
The arrangement leads to many more people of all ages and abilities to use their bikes.
There are plenty of places all over the country where the total space available is this wide. Why can’t they all have this kind of treatment?

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