Notes from our meeting July 28th 2020

Slides: 20200728MeetingPresentation PDF (~590Kb)


  1. Welcome, introductions, and apologies for absence (Chair)
  2. Space for safe cycling and walking during lockdown
    1. Actions \ Updates from meeting with Cllr Manuel Abellan
  3. AOB
  4. Date of the next meeting

Present – Marcus H, John K, Shirley & Colin Q, Maeve T

Apologises – n/a

We are on Zoom and kept under 40 min limit.


  • Adding below actions points from last meeting for info though wasn’t actually discussed:
  •  Sustrans
  • Climate Emergency Task and Finish Group
  • John asked that if anyone sees schemes being started/implemented that we share  amongst ourselves / on – on going – where are they?!


  • Marcus gave updates along with slides (admittedly rushed today!)
  • Colin confirmed that Experimental Orders can only take 7 days (as seen by other boroughs [like Croydon] in the Guardian)
  • Marcus confirmed this should be taken up with officers when meetings arranged, Action to include address in next reply to Simon Latham to open up involvement with rest of the Group. Meeting dates TBA with officers.
  • LCC Friday post gave advice using Beat the “bikelash”  crib sheet
    • includes link to this tweet with link to funding spreadsheet

    • John suggested we all join and push positive posts in Nextdoor, Facebook groups as described under the point of “Network like crazy” – Action All
    • Marcus said Cllr Abellan asked us if we’d consider organising a poster campaign or leaflet drop from “Consider taking to the streets
      • Action Marcus to include with reply to that, again to open up involvement with rest of the Group
      • Also Give praise – councillor email inboxes will likely be bulging with hate mail for any good scheme. So shower them with praise – even if you’ve got minor concerns about the scheme.
        • “Cllr Batt, Cllr Heffernan (Worcester Park), Cllr Dombey, Cllr Heron, Cllr Penneck (Sutton North), Cllr Fivey, Cllr Clifton (Sutton South), Cllr Lewis, Cllr James (Wallington North), Cllr Burke (Sutton West) are those that are receiving the most abuse because of the road closure proposals. If you could send a friendly email of support and say that you look forward to working together to deliver the schemes in their ward they will really appreciate it. “
        • Action All


  • Training budget: Maeve raised that budget has been given but it’s not been allocated yet
    • Marcus said he knew of “each borough receiving £60,000”
    • Action Marcus to share more info via
  • Highway Code raised by Colin: the Department for Transport has launched a consultation on these proposed changes to the Code

Next Meeting

  • Next week as normal

Date and time: Tuesday 4th August – 7.30pm

Venue: On Zoom – see Next Meet Up page for details

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