Notes from our meeting July 7th 2020

Slides: 20200707MeetingPresentation PDF (~700Kb)


  1. Welcome, introductions, and apologies for absence (Chair)
  2. Space for safe cycling and walking during lockdown
    1. Actions \ Updates from meeting with Cllr Manuel Abellan
    2. Questions for Thursday’s Q&A with Cllr Manuel Abellan and Officer Chris Smith
  3. AOB
  4. Date of the next meeting

Present – Marcus H, John K, Chas M, Gary J, Shirley & Colin Q, Maeve T

Apologises – Neil W

We are on Zoom and kept under 40 min limit.

Actions \ Updates

  • Marcus gave updates along with slides
  • Discussion on TFL involvement went a bit off piste
    • who made the complaints in Cheam?
    • accessibility issues in Cheam, no ramps on kerbs
    • no proper cycle lane
  • No budget for cycle training was met with disagreement
    • Shirley: There are new people out on the roads with kids behind them, they need training
    • Maeve: in response to training budget may be made available once there’s more space to cycle asked Why was there training before if there’s nowhere to cycle?!
  • Then we looked at questions to raise with Chris Smith on Thursday


  • Yet a different image on that slide!
  • John has updated the calendar events
  • Marcus shared that his new cargo bike gets noticed and puts smiles on peoples faces!

Next Meeting

  • Cllr Manuel Abellan & Chris Smith to do another Q&A session on  2:30-3:30pm this Thursday
  • Next week as normal

Date and time: Tuesday 14th July – 7.30pm

Venue: On Zoom – see Next Meet Up page for details

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