Notes from our meeting June 30th 2020

Slides: 20200630MeetingPresentation PDF (~1.4Mb)


  1. Welcome, introductions, and apologies for absence (Chair)
  2. Space for safe cycling and walking during lockdown
    1. Actions from last meeting
    2. Progress Report (from meeting with Cllr Manuel Abellan)
    3. Next steps
  3. AOB
  4. Date of the next meeting

Present – Marcus H, John K, Chas M, Gary J, Shirley & Colin Q

Apologises – n/a

We are on Zoom and kept under 40 min limit.

Progress Report

  • Marcus gave updates along with slides
  • Explained that after getting advice of Simon Munk Rosehill roundabout was not something we’d get TFL funding for
  • The action to write to Councillor Sunita Gordon about the council’s website and tweeter feed re. Safer, Active, Greener streets post is less important now
    • it’s too late to spread the Widen My Path message now bidding done
  • Rather than looking at the maps in the slides we discussed the funding breakdown seen on page 35 of the Agenda reports pack pdf icon PDF 9 MB (see the Agenda page for the Strategy and Resources Committee meeting next Monday 6th July.)
    • It would seem that the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods schemes the best value for money at using £224k for 3 schemes out of the total £3.7m
    • John K mentioned the language used in the document is far clearer than what we’ve seen in previous LIP documents
  • The idea of another Q & A session with Cllr Manuel Abellan will be doing a Q&A session from 3-4pm Tuesday 7th July was well received
    • again can be used to collate a list of questions
    • John K mentioned that Church Road would be a waste of money.
    • Colin agreed that parking is the real issue there and Demesne Rd needs a filter
    • Chas said the council should talk to and learn from other boroughs
    • Colin mentioned why would we have remove parking from West St when it already has double yellow lines?
    • Marcus asked what the intervention be on Park Lane? General agreement that the mention of that intervention seemed to be over optomistic in benefits
    • Gary mentioned we should be ready for cars driving on pavements, Chas agreed saying that is proof that a modal filter is needed. Marcus suggested we put filters adjacent to lamp posts.


  • Finally a different image on that slide!

Next Meeting

  • Will ask Cllr Manuel Abellan to do another Q&A session from 3-4pm
  • Be prepared for that and we can discuss on our call later in the evening.

Date and time: Tuesday 7th July – 7.30pm

Venue: On Zoom – see Next Meet Up page for details

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