Notes from our meeting June 16th 2020

Slides: 20200616MeetingPresentation PDF (~380kb)


  1. Welcome, introductions, and apologies for absence (Chair)
  2. Space for safe cycling and walking during lockdown
    1. Actions from last meeting
    2. Progress Report (from meeting with Cllr Manuel Abellan)
    3. Next steps
  3. AOB
  4. Date of the next meeting

Present – Marcus H, John K, Chas M, Gary J, Shirley & Colin Q

Apologises – John P, Neil W

We are on Zoom and kept under 40 min limit.

Progress Report

  • see slides
  • John K mentioned that Wallington has cones up preventing cars parking and that as a result people have started cycling without the fear of cars reversing out – a great improvement!

Next Steps

  • Rosehill roundabout
    • get assurance that if we invest time in design it will be bid for
    • involve\ask advice of Simon Munk
    • arrange a face to face meeting on site to discuss designs
  • The bid being worked on this week:
    • Ask what Shorts Road intervention is, this road is a known rat run and would benefit from a filter, it’s too narrow for a contra-flow. Or is it a school street?
  • Cllr Manuel Abellan will be doing a Q&A session from 3-4pm Tuesday 23rd
    • start a thread on to list questions ahead of meeting
    • when details of call known share using
    • keep the date free!


  • Marcus shared a peek at his next cyclescheme purchase!

Next Meeting

  • Cllr Manuel Abellan will be doing a Q&A session from 3-4pm
  • Be prepared for that and we can discuss on our call later in the evening.

Date and time: Tuesday 23rd June – 7.30pm

Venue: On Zoom – see Next Meet Up page for details

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