Notes from meetings June 9th 2020

LCC Group forum & weekly catch up with Councillor Manuel Abellan

On the 9th June the LCC Group forum covered:

Because of the above we didn’t schedule a Zoom meeting this week. Below notes from my meeting with Councillor Manuel Abellan, earlier in the day.

9 inital schemes

  • All these schemes are signed off and with contractors.
  • Gyratory with initial walking only measures (timeline this week for background):
    • Wed 3rd – Manuel Abellan; Chris Smith; Colin Q and myself met on bikes to give suggested changes for cycle lanes
    • Thurs 4th – MH did a check / follow up, first school street in use, no change to gyratory, Chris & Manuel informed [and passed to Conways]
    • Tues 9th – MH did another check / follow up and saw still no change. Followed up with Chris & Manuel (with more pictures), Conways failed to carry out instructions.
  • Last week we passed on a request to change Worcester Park signage (so signs don’t look to tell cyclists to use pavement) – Action MH to follow up with officer.
  • Other 8 schemes were planned to be in place by Sunday (7th June) – as it appears not ready, only signs up in Wallington – awaiting feedback from officers/contractors
  • There’s orders for bollards to replace the cones  – Action MA will follow up.

School streets

  • Robin Hood was operating from last Thursday.
  • Other LEO trust acadamies missed Monday target, should be operating from Tuesday 10th (Conways)
  • I asked have any other schools asked for school streets?
    • Yes 2 more have asked.
    • these were included in the last bid.
    • bid also captures the resource to enforce these school streets
    • COVID volunteers may be used.


  • Our Actions:
    • Our page Streets for Social Distancing Map has been updated with link to
    • Chas has added some pins, Marcus still to copy over those from our original map Action MH
  • Council Actions
    • Adding link from Councils Report It section – Action  with council IT dept

Comms on social media

  • StreetSpace on the council website is not prominent enough
    • want to await funding
    • waiting for pictures of schemes before promoting
    • website updates currently with council IT dept

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

  • Have Sutton made a bid for this funding? (albeit High Street focus not cycling)
    • Action MA will be passing details to officers.

CS7 extension from Colliers Wood to Sutton

  • Action MH to find out more working with Merton and Wandsworth LCC groups for proposals
  • Action MA to investigate with officers for any previous work done on this.
  • Both agree if possible a segregated blue cycleway would have a far bigger influence on people’s modal shift over a quietway made up of following signs through housing.

What else can you share about the bids?

  • Will share more detailed list later this week (in a document form rather than current spreadsheets) Action MA
  • The process looks to be a weekly, the results of bid that was submitted last week is expected to be known by next Tuesday, or possibly before.
  • Once this first bid response is received it will give more of an idea of what can be acheived in subsequent bids, how much will be provided, and what type of schemes are more likely to receive funding.
  • Manuel shared the following off the top of his head as locations that were included in this last bid (these are my notes/ I’ve not checked all on map!):
    • Foresters Drive – cycleway
    • Mill Lane / Butter Hill – filter
    • Browning Avenue – filter
    • Lincoln Rd – no entry plug
    • Langley Park Road – filter
    • Kings Lane – filter
    • Benhilton – 4x filters
    • Grove Rd – filter

Working with TFL on red routes

  • Last week officers were going to liaise with TFL team after bids submitted.
  • Looking at
    • A24
    • Rosehill roundabout
    • Cheam (A232)
    • Carshalton (A232)
  • Manuel has spoken with Will Norman asking best way to work with TFL and expected funding
    • now has contact
    • still to put bids in
    • Action MA to follow up with officers
  • Action Get Sutton Cycling members / public –
    • can we supply specific measures we see required
    • use Widen My Path

Next steps – meetings

  • we discussed meetings, these weekly catch ups have been useful.
  • Rather than be a guest speaker at a Get Sutton Cycling meeting Manuel suggested he chair a Zoom Q&A meeting to be extended to all interested parties
    • He can talk about the content of the bid which by then will have been sent out end of this week.
    • He can be flexible about time of day and day of week.
    • He has also received 70+ emails from others interested in StreetSpace who can also be invited.
  • Action MH find a time most suitable for our members Doodle Poll (update: done)
  • Action MA set up this call w/c 22 June – 3-4pm on 23rd June (details to follow)


Apoligises if any inaccuracies above – please let me know if you spot anything!

regards, Marcus

Next Get Sutton Cycling meeting

Date and time: Tuesday 16th June – 7.30pm

Venue: On Zoom

UPDATE: chosen 3-4pm on 23rd June

I’ve created a doodle poll with time slots of 1pm, 3pm, 5pm & 7:30pm Mon – Thur of w/c 22nd June for this Q&A with Cllr Abellan to find best time for us.

Best to look at the calendar view I find like below.

  • Selection_002
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