Notes from our meeting May 26th 2020


  1. Welcome, introductions, and apologies for absence (Chair)
  2. Space for safe cycling and walking during lockdown
    1. Progress Report
    2. Next steps
  3. AOB
  4. Date of the next meeting

Present – Marcus H, John K, Maeve T, Shirly & Colin Q

Apologises – Chas M

We are on Zoom, had a short sum up after the 40 min limit.

Space for safe cycling and walking during lockdown.

Progress Report

  • Marcus shared the petition had over 300 signatures
    • Maeve suggested we create a another one using the council website
    • Action Marcus to set up and link from the one
    • Action Marcus to get emails of those that signed and share with JK & MT
    • Action John, to write to above with updates
  • Marcus shared the Sutton Guardian article (which initially spelt his name as Hayworth!? now corrected)
  • We are continuing to work with Extinction Rebellian Sutton (see below re. joint letter)
  • Merton LCC have talked about an extension of CS7 to Sutton?
    • no one had heard of this, awaiting more info.
  • Publicise St Helier progress
  • Updates from Councillor Manuel Abellan earlier today:
    • Street Space has been worked on for last 3 weeks
    • LIP funding has been paused
    • Have been requested to focus on Street Space
    • Funding of £45m across 32 boroughs
    • Sutton didn’t act as some other boroughs did taking a risk as there was no guarentee of funding (I expressed our frustration at this as cars are coming back now).
    • At first it was understood to be split by TFL, it now has to be bid for.
    • The initial press release and actions were aimed at town centres first too allow space for safe shopping, seen to be easy wins with small change such as removing some car parking spaces.
    • Officers this week are preparing a report for all Low Traffic Neighbourhood interventions assuming unlimited resources for planning
      • Town Centre Zones
      • North/South cycleway
      • Filters
    • This is then going to go back to TFL after getting approval from Cheif Exec (expect 2 weeks? so 9th June)
    • We can expect all/majority of Liveable Neighbourhood bid filters mentioned on our map to be included
    • And be assured that the council bid is in the pipeline and that it will be ambitious.
    • There is a risk with this as not all the council are 100% behind, our petition has been a valuable tool to show there is support.
    • As Vice Chair he has been in the position to ask questions of Andrew Gilligan
    • We agreed to weekly update meetings going forward, these will be ahead of our group meetings in the evening.
    • I asked for some physical meetings a head of any implementations so we could verify things will be done in a way to benefit cyclists, I cited the Budge Lane barriers which we missed on plans but would’ve caught had we been there and told barriers would be installed like the other side, this was also agreed as a good idea.
    • I also asked if a Commonplace response page was in the pipeline, I reiterated that the licence previously costing £6k for basic map is available for free. Manuel said he’d follow up.
    • How else can we help:
      • Organise an open letter from as many groups as possible, this should be sent to
        • the Chief Executive, Helen Bailey
        • Leader of the Council, Councillor Ruth Dombey
        • Leader of the Opposition, Councillor Tim Crowley
      • Engage in constructive conversations with with councillors who have doubts or could be persauded against about how best to achieve Liveable Neighbour measures, e.g. test and try approach or where best a filter could go? Ask and I can give names.


  • Action John will look at for our committee emails as other groups are using successfully. The take up on Slack hasn’t worked as hoped.
  • Shirely mentioned that the Epsom Commet had written about Mole Valley’s request for suggestions for cycling (can’t find article now, but may relate to bottom of this page). More press contacts.
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