Notes from our meeting May 19th 2020

Slides 20200519-Meeting-Presentation.pdf


  1. Welcome, introductions, and apologies for absence (Chair)
  2. Space for safe cycling and walking during lockdown
    1. Progress Report
    2. Next steps
  3. AOB
  4. Date of the next meeting

Present – Marcus, Shirly & Colin

Apologises – n/a

We are on Zoom, kept to under the 40 min limit.

Space for safe cycling and walking during lockdown.

Report Updates

  • Streets for Social Distancing Map
    • 36 form submissions this week
  • Sutton Guardian
    • reporting on the petition
    • plan to run an article tomorrow once they hear back from the council
  • LCC meeting with Trustees (this evening before this Zoom), some ideas
    • Make a joint letter with other groups
    • Mention NHS workers when talking about space for bikes
    • Find the right person at the council to make things happen, it may not be the lead or who you think it is
    • Make sure contacts have actually read the DFT Press Release
    • Look to bike shops for new membership? (some LCC discounts)
    • Other group: Mum’s for Lungs
  • Councillor reponses
    • Cllr Chris Williams (14/5/20)
    • Cllr Manuel Abellan (15/5/20) – will update this week, plans coming!
  • Officers
    • Ian Price – no further
  • MPs
    • Elliot Colburn MP – no further

Next Steps

Next Meeting

Keep weekly, hopefully we’ll see more next time!

Date and time:Β Tuesday 26th May – 7.30pm

Venue:Β On Zoom


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